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PostHeaderIcon New technology to turn coal green

Posted on: Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 8:00 am

Green Coal, Green Energy, Green TechnologyMost of the global warming issues are concerned with coal but a new technology has recently been developed which can double the power of coal and at the same time, minimize the green house gas emissions.

According to this test done in Australia, when coal does reaction with air in Direct Carbon Fuel Cells (DCFC), a highly energy efficient electricity is generated, thus making coal a green source of power. This new technology will definitely help in halving the amount of the coal needed for creating electricity. In this way, the industry will get a very significant savings on its energy and costs, which can be passed over to the consumers.

Apart from saving a lot of energy and money, the DCFC also provides a very clean power. It has also been expected that with the help of this technology, carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas, will also be safely and easily trapped and stored.