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PostHeaderIcon Pollution control best management technique

Posted on: Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 8:33 am

nullThere are mainly four types of pollution air, water, noise pollution and land pollution. Depending upon the different types of pollution control measures is also different. For air pollution we must reduce the emission of toxic gases from automobiles, factories etc use of aerosols must be avoided or reduced. CFC’s are very harmful and are responsible for ozone depletion so we must avoid the use of CFC’s. For water pollution the main reason is the disposal of factory waste in the river and ponds the other reasons are washing clothes in water bodies and bathing of animals. All this must be avoided as it spoils the drinking water. Oil and pollutants emitted by the ships disturbs the marine life and pollutes the sea.

With the increase of cars and automobiles there is no place to have an escape from noise. Loud music or industrial disturbances are also responsible for noise pollution. Sand pollution is directly caused by use of insecticides and pesticides in the farm lands thus spoiling the land and ultimately affecting the production.

PostHeaderIcon Marine pollution control

Posted on: Saturday, November 28th, 2009 at 9:11 am

nullThe greatest source of marine pollution is, land based. The sources include sewage, chemicals, metals, sediment mobilization, litter and habitat destruction, radioactivity and persistent organic pollutants. To save the marine life and to reduce the pollution the steps or the initiatives must be started at the regional and state level thus involving the global efforts. GPA is an association made which work non- legally and aim at preventing the degeneration of marine life by pollution caused by land sources. They also work by realizing the duty of state and region and global government to prevent the destruction. The GPA provides guidance to state so that they can control pollution with the help of policies, priorities and resources.
Marine biodiversity can only be protected with the global efforts as all of us are equally responsible for the damage. Shipping and sea dumping are also the reason for marine pollution thus affecting the marine life.

PostHeaderIcon Future trends in pollution control equipments

Posted on: Thursday, November 26th, 2009 at 7:44 am

nullWith new administration putting all the force to bring back the powers to the associations related to pollution control in seems as if now the environmental peace will be restored soon. Environmental pollution agency or EPA is making efforts to make serious rules against environmental pollution and will severely punish the culprits. So it can be said the companies manufacturing pollution control equipments will be having good time ahead.

Mr. Obama is paying great attention on the issue of save, and clean water which should be free from debris, pollution and chemicals thus the selling of equipments for clean water , water purifying systems, clarifying systems, mobile pollution emergency response system and will increase definitely and facilitate the use of storm drain system.

Manufacturers will be selling heavily soon after the implementation of the rules thus it is being believed that there will be seen a future trend in pollution control equipments by 2010.

PostHeaderIcon Idea of green computing

Posted on: Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 at 11:00 am

nullIn the recent times people have become very conscious about the environment. This is the reason green technologies have gained so much importance in the recent times. This concern has been taken up by the IT sector as well which is now aiming towards computer usage in a manner which is environmentally sustainable.

The basic idea of green computing is to design, manufacture, and use computers in such a manner that they don’t disturb the harmony of the environment. However, it doesn’t stop at that. Green computing also aims at disposing of all computer related hardware such as monitors, printers, hard disk, etc. in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the environment around.

However, the IT sector doesn’t compromise on other frontiers to achieve this eco-friendliness. The aim is to creates technologies which are eco-friendly but at the same time which also increase the efficiency of the computers, and the economic viability of the process.

PostHeaderIcon Convert to solar power in easy steps

Posted on: Sunday, November 22nd, 2009 at 10:19 am

nullThe desire to switch over to the solar power is increasing day by day as we are becoming the slaves of power companies by paying heavy bills. Our lifestyle is tied to the power supply and with the depleting resources the focus has shifted towards solar power which is never ending. With the recent state of solar technology it I snow much easier to convert the solar power. If you want to make the conversion simpler you can hire a professional to manage the task but this involves large investment and is expensive so the best way to do so is to build the solar panels by yourself.

Building the solar panels yourself can greatly reduce the cost and it becomes very easy for anyone to convert the solar power. You can save your pocket and go green just by reducing usage, determining the energy usage, building panels and getting an electrician to fix it for your house.

PostHeaderIcon Free secrets to cheap home solar power

Posted on: Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 2:41 pm

nullThe size of your solar equipments depends on the energy consumption of a family. There are some people, who think that solar equipments are expensive, but if some things are taken care of, you can get better out of the solar power energy utilization.

Using energy efficient bulbs and lights in home can help in reduction of electricity usage and you can turn over to get the cheaper billing for use of electricity, than before.

Lowering the temperature of thermostat can help for the reduction of electric consumption.

Usage of switch water heaters also helps in many cases. The best way is to cover your hot water tank in an insulated place and decrease the thermostat level, to the least one possible. This reduces the usage of extra electricity.

Turn off the lights and fans, not required at a particular time. Make it a habit to switch off the electrical equipments, before leaving any room.

Little changes in your life style can lead to less usage of electricity and hence, less cost will be incurred for the solar power equipments.

PostHeaderIcon Homemade solar power

Posted on: Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 at 3:32 pm

nullThere are many house owners across US and even other global countries, which are seeking for the affordable, sustainable and environmental friendly techniques of energy sources. Home made solar power is gaining popularity amongst various people. It is easy and cheaper to build your own solar panels. You can save extra expenses, which have to be paid for regular factory made panels and also, you know about the equipments and their placements in your homes.

The pollution from the environment can be decreased and the depletion of ozone layer can be stopped by application of natural sources of energy. Solar energy is ever available on Earth and it is the natural and most appropriate way to slash down your electricity bills at home or workplaces. It is always advisable to adopt for the energy methods, which are safe and easily manageable. Homemade solar power has all the positive points and it is easy to make the applications to work in a more comprehensive way.

PostHeaderIcon GPS Tracking

Posted on: Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 10:15 am

For those who aren’t aware, GPS tracking is usually defined as a process whereby the precise location of any being or vehicle can be tracked. The tracking system can be made possible from anywhere across the globe.

In the contemporary times, when the whole world seems to have taken a resolution to go green, GPS tracking devices have truly lend a helping hand. It not only reduces the emissions but at the same time helps in keeping our environment clean. Besides this, people are taking different initiatives all over the world. The Massachusetts officials in Boston are busy implementing an anti-idling program for all the buses across the nation. They even recognize something as School Bus Safety Week.

The interesting facts never cease to exist when it comes to knowing how the GPS tracking devices help us in going green. Here are some that may catch your interest as well:

nullGPS tracking devices helps in creating better tracking systems for safety purposes. For instance, a GPS tracking system that is implemented to track the regular routine of a school bus and its regular circuits will help us use our natural resources responsibly. In case any emergency arises, assistance can be sent out immediately as the location is easily figured by the authorities responsible for the tracking system.

Fleet management also becomes easy with GPS tracking systems. The complex and large fleet operators differ in their requirements from the small sized fleets. Therefore, it makes sense to use GPS fleet management technology. By logging into any GPS tracking system, you will get real-time visibility into the performance of the location and will easily manage the condition of the mobile assets with the aid of telematic technology. At the same time, find out what makes the LandAirSea’s vehicle tracking software even better:

Google Earth satellite map – This helps in accurate display of the driving path and at the same time stops on any satellite image.

Digital street map – If you want a historical and moment-by-moment display, then digital street map will be the perfect option for you. The detailed information as to where your vehicle travelled throughout the day will be shown with the help of animated tools.

Text activity report – Tracking was never so easy without this daily summary report. Every detail including the starting address, time en route, time of departure, number of miles traveled altogether can be easily tracked down.

All of the GPS tracking devices are not equal. When you purchase any unit, make sure you compare it over the following criteria: sensitivity, accuracy, power sources, sampling point’s frequency, reliability, and last but not the least, the software that is responsible for converting the data into an easy-to-understand format.

We are all aware of our conscious levels regarding the safety of our dear ones. LandAirSea’s has the best line-up of tracking system that can be tailored accordingly to meet any need. With compact tracking units, LandAirSea assures you of achieving your business fleet objectives in the easiest way possible.

PostHeaderIcon Harnessing solar power for homes

Posted on: Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 8:19 am

nullThe usage of solar energy is a recent technology, which is now gaining popularity amongst people. The main concept is to absorb the solar energy and use it into other forms of energy. Solar powered homes are becoming very popular now. The objects used for absorption of solar power are called solar panels. Some people tile the whole roofs of their houses and it is called solar roof.

The main part is to find a perfect guide and step by step techniques to connect the homes with solar energy equipments. It is not an easy process to install solar equipments in a correct manner. The main benefit of solar energy is that it is a natural form of energy and can be converted to other forms, according to the usage of a person. The technology is not so expensive and there is no harm for the environmental problems for the usage of solar energy equipments.

PostHeaderIcon What is miracle fuel?

Posted on: Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at 10:18 am

nullMiracle fuel is basically the Natural fuel and is a green fuel, which is clean form of fuel alternative to fossil fuels, which will reduce the consumption of gasoline products and also descend the rate of global warming occurring on Earth. Apart from being environmental friendly, miracle fuel will also tend to eliminate toxic materials from soil and ground water.

The increasing costs of gasoline products have made people to realize that it will be no longer possible for every person to afford the products running completely on gasoline products. It will be entirely a big disadvantage for adopting exclusively the gasoline products and also, it will not be possible for most of the people to afford it. PEFI (Power Ecalene Fuels, Inc) improved their processing methods and strategies to make their own patents and is concurrently working on bringing its miracle fuel to market and make the people aware about its advantages.