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PostHeaderIcon Green Roofing Solutions For Your Home

Posted on: Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green roofing is good for your family and also our planet. With the signs of global warming, we must do our bits like roofing with eco-friendly material. Some green roofing solutions for your home are:

• Using the Spanish Roof Slate:
Slate is a natural roofing material that doesn’t harm the environment as it born out of nature. Installing these will cut your cost at it needs no regular maintenance and is very durable.

• Using living roofs:
Suck kind of roofs are layered with plants and grasses that also reduce your heating and cooling costs. In summer, they provide an insulation that makes your home cooler and warmer during winters. You can even use it for gardening purposes if you have less space around you.

• Using metal roofs and solar panels:
Metal roofs are green options as they can be made out of recycled materials. Using solar panels are another great idea to reduce electricity bills and go completely green.

These green roofing solutions are amazing ways to reduce toxic around us for a healthy living.

PostHeaderIcon Changes to Make to Your Green Lifestyle

Posted on: Monday, February 22nd, 2010 at 9:00 am


Having a green lifestyle is a great sign for life. With time, our planet has become very risky to love in. With these 3 easy changes you can definitely make a big difference to your environment:

1. Firstly, do not use products that cannot be recycled. Discourage the use of plastic bags, as they cannot be recycled. Use bags made of jute and other green materials in your daily lifestyle.

2. Secondly, do not waste energy. Never leave a room without turning off the lights, fans and other electrical appliances. Try and use solar energy as and when possible.

3. Use public transport or share rides with colleagues while going to office. This saves gas and also emits less poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Using a bicycle sometimes is a good exercise and best possible way to go green.

With a change in your lifestyle, you can effectively go green as much as possible.

PostHeaderIcon Best of Green Home Designs

Posted on: Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green home designs are incomplete without using eco-friendly products and appliances. It is really important to understand the reality and opt for green home designs without wasting more time. First and foremost, you should use lead-free paint for your walls. No design is complete without color, so make sure it is not poisonous.

Recycled materials are in great demand and suits green home designs to the core. Counter tops and other things made from recycled materials are in huge demand. This improves the look of your kitchen and toilet as well.

Home furniture plays the lead role in home design, so consider them for refinishing if not dilapidated. Besides, make sure that you use energy saving electrical appliances and gadgets. Dimmer switches and fluorescent lights uses less energy but still makes your home glow. Also consider on getting a bamboo and cork flooring, as they look gorgeous and are definitely green inclusions. These are some of the green home designs.

PostHeaderIcon Tips For a Green Household

Posted on: Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green household requires considering a few things. Some tips for a green household are:

• While remodeling, always remember to make use of sunlight, wind currents, shade to the optimum
• Call remodeling professionals who use green products and are licensed for that.
• Recycle woods from the existing structure and also use building materials made from recycled products.
• Use appliance with Energy Star rating is highly efficient as it uses less energy; this also reduces your cost.
• Use carpets made from non-toxic material and not the ones that allow bacteria to breed.
• Installing insulated doors and windows, using solar panels to heat water etc are some of the technique to go green.
• Attic and wall insulation with green technology is the best way to save energy.
• Most importantly, allow lighting that saves energy like compact fluorescent lights.
• Don’t forget to install HVAC system that is energy efficient.

Getting a green household is the need of the hour for our wellness.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home Renovation

Posted on: Sunday, February 14th, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green home renovation requires a lot of thinking and effective use of material. It is not necessary that you need to renovate your entire home yourself! There are professionals who will do that properly and effectively. What are the things that you need to consider during the whole process?

• While green home renovation, make sure you abstain from lead based paints and use low VOC paints.
• Make use of green materials like wood. If the Forest Stewardship Council certifies it, it is safe.
• Use construction items made form recycled goods like plastic, wood etc.
• Besides using eco friendly material while renovating, stress on installing skylights for letting in natural sunlight.
• Use solar energy to heat water and outdoor pool. This also reduces your electricity bills.
• Incorporate natural insulation in your home, this is energy efficient.

Green home renovation not only requires eco-friendly products, but also an attitude to say yes to the power of ‘green’.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home Improvement Tips

Posted on: Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green home improvement requires a definite plan to transform your home into eco-friendly zone. Some basic green home improvement tips are:

Use recycled products, while renovating your home. Often you tend to overlook certain things that may be harmful for the environment, so choose cautiously. Durable products contain recycled constituents that make your home eco friendly.

Green home is incomplete without energy-efficient lights. Make sure they are turned off when not in use. Using motion detectors also help minimize energy as the lights get turned off easily.

Also install a HVAC system that uses energy efficiently. Keep in mind simple things like climatic condition of your area, to utilize it properly.

Move a step closer to green home improvement by installing a good insulation on windows. This regulates air-conditioning or heat within the confines of your home without letting it go waste.

These green home improvement tips are beneficial for better living.