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PostHeaderIcon Why Green Housing Is Needed

Posted on: Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Environmental pollution does not only occur in the wake of factory operations or the smoke from the engine of a locomotive. Homes too are environmental hazards that need to be upgraded in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the interior and the surrounding. Green housing is needed for several reasons. One is that homes around the globe account for one quarter of the energy resources that are consumed and that lead to the production of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

Cooking, heating, laundry and air conditioning purposes at home account for some of the biggest emissions that are apparent every day in a typical home. One of the starting points with a green home is replacing electricity with solar panels that only rely on the sun energy that is not converted to carbon dioxide. Green housing can also mean living on recycled materials like certified wooden houses, and discounting the use of paper bags at home.

PostHeaderIcon What Is Green Building Certification?

Posted on: Monday, July 5th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Green building certification is a system that regulates the building industry to prove that the project has been carried out under environmental friendly conditions and has met the set green standards. There are four levels of accreditation that are carried out to give the project a public face that is different from similar building projects. It can be rated gold, silver or platinum. Green building certification is done mainly for commercial establishments.

The basic guidelines of identifying a top green building certification are to have met the following credits in the finished building. These include: The site’s sustainability, which means that the site must be easy to maintain without any health hazard. The building must also be in a water sufficient place. The energy resources used in the building should be non-carbonic. The materials used to construct the building should be tenable both for the surrounding environments and the indoors.

PostHeaderIcon Environmentally Friendly Mulch

Posted on: Friday, July 2nd, 2010 at 9:00 am

Mulch is prerequisite to any garden for among other things it assists in moisture retention, curbs the top soil from being eroded, and can act as a weed killer. However not all mulch is good for the garden, including cypress, since it does not promote the growth of the plant it serves. Furthermore, commercial exploitation by mulch companies kills off a whole population of the tree that produced the mulch.

Environmentally friendly mulch includes eucalyptus and Melaleuca. Eucalyptus proves to be eco-friendly in the sense that it does not discolor for long and its mulch has pesticide effect on fleas. It is also easy to preserve the population of the tree because the species has the capability to undergo renewal of growth after the tree has been cut down. Melaleuca easily spreads into fields of other native plants which make it a great proponent for varietal mulch that can be used to re-grow fields of obsolete trees like cypress.