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PostHeaderIcon Why Soft Toilet Paper Is Bad For the Environment

Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Americans typically cannot do without toilet papers. Of course for a soft feeling, they invest in soft toilet papers. They ought to realize what went into making these papers.

Toilet papers are made of wood fibers and its softness is directly proportional to greater use of fibers. Thus, in order to create a substantial amount of soft toilet papers, you need to fell down a large number of trees. That can never be good for environment.

You should encourage use of toilet papers made out of newspapers or other such materials. Agreeably, these won’t be as soft but surely greener. Since you can obviously not recycle toilet papers, making a mess of them will only hurt the environment. According to latest researches, contamination due to soft toilet papers is as harmful for global warming as caused by gas emission through cars. You can use toilet papers supplied by 365 or Seventh Generation instead.

PostHeaderIcon How to Green a Garden with Organic Pest Control

Posted on: Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Although you can use mechanical methods to preserve your garden, you may lose the very idea your garden stands for: Being green. Organic pest control is thus way better for keeping your garden green. You may repel bugs, small animals, cankers and other plant problems through organic substances.

Garlic is perhaps the best controller with its acidic taste and pungent smell. It drives away insects and bugs. You can also use beneficial insects that eat molds and save plants from fungal infection. Milk is another effective fungicide.

Tomato will keep certain insects away. Onion will repel the bugs present on your plants. Neem is a brilliant repellant and also induces freshness.

Boric Acid is perhaps the most versatile organic pest controller taking care of termites, fleas and cockroaches. You should however use these pest controllers wisely. For instance, boric acid should not be used on dried plants.

Green your garden with them.

PostHeaderIcon 10 Ways to Green Your Office

Posted on: Sunday, August 15th, 2010 at 9:00 am

You would only benefit from greening your office. Here are ten ways to make the office look and breathe green:

1. Synchronize your office travel. If you can manage a carpool with other colleagues, nothing beats it.
2. Avoid use of bottled water.

3. Avoid use of plastic utensils. Try ceramics instead.
4. Ventilate your office well. Reduce application of air conditioners.
5. Use wooden furniture. Fiberglass furniture is not a green idea. Also use fluorescent lights in office for energy conservation.
6. Avoid large use of printers.
7. Use biodegradable stationery; especially paper and cartridges.
8. Make a habit of consuming whole grains in office. Do not grill or barbeque in office kitchen.
9. Use recycled computers and other gadgets. They work efficiently all the same.
10. Close the entire system when you close the office.

These steps will help you harbor a green and fresh office; good for hygiene and pockets.

PostHeaderIcon Creating a Zero Waste Office

Posted on: Friday, August 13th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Zero waste office is a euphoric state that will take some time to be realized. However, you can work your way towards emitting negligible green gas emissions.

If you are an IT firm or whatever, do work largely in soft copy. Reduce use of paper. Printers are considered widely against the spirit of greening. So print only when urgent.

Have wooden furniture and don’t stuff your office with useless electronics. Keep these gadgets in fine condition. A sick HVAC system will only be hazard to green office.

Encourage use of pencils for indoor office work. Ventilate your office well and keep your office spacious. Use biodegradable stationery. These small things go long in reducing office waste.

Installing solar panels for power creation is another wise step. Use ENERGY STAR illumination throughout your office. Don’t use plastic cups and other eating utensils. Invest in earthen ware. Keep updated on exceptional natural items usable in office.

PostHeaderIcon How Going Green Saves You Money

Posted on: Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Energy efficiency is a quick route to saving some money. You can check its practical meaning by taking certain steps in various facets of life.

You may reduce your monthly electrical bills by just using fluorescent and ENERGY STAR illuminations. Washing machines should be boycotted in cold times or used seldom.

You may alternatively walk to office or use your vehicle. This will be an asset for environment as well as less gas expense. You may also reduce your cholesterol intake. Most cholesterol carriers are somewhat expensive. Going green with vegetables helps your wallet too.

Water conservation is another facet that saves money in the long run. Insulate pipes to avoid leaks and circulate them wisely. Do not waste water indiscreetly.

Create and package your own fertilizer. This will hone your gardening skills. Use gadgets made of recycled materials. They come cheaper and are highly ecological. Live in fresh and quality air.

PostHeaderIcon Adopting a holistic approach to greening IT

Posted on: Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 9:00 am

IT companies are flushed with computers; major generators of e-waste. You will thus find it hard to green IT. However, with the assemblage of Green Grid by eminent software companies like AMD, INTEL and DELL, you have the option to store massive data along with energy conservation.

You need to take a holistic approach towards green IT. Firstly, use green computers or computers made of recycled materials. There will be lesser toxins in them. Dispose your computers when they are out of place and efficiency. Invest in ergonomic and green furniture.

Use solar panels for energy and power in small details. This will save you some energy. Apply other energy efficient parameters like switching off mechanisms when not in function, having a garden outside and placing a few plants in-house.

Just make sure that algorithmic efficiency of your system is not harmed. Since lots of people work in IT firms, being energy efficient becomes rather imperative.

PostHeaderIcon Are You Tired of Being Green?

Posted on: Saturday, August 7th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Although living green may be a bit energy consuming, it is good for health both for yourself and the environment. All you are required to do is small things here and there. Use recycled materials for stuff such as mobiles and computers. Do not overuse your electronic appliances like washing machines and refrigerators.

Keep checking plumbing leaks and water circulation. Place a few pots in your house for fragrance and freshness. Improve your indoor air quality by placing mats outside and through chemical off gassing. Install new water heaters as old one will use more power to work. Keep changing your HVAC.

Insulate your pipes and corners and work on your substrates with construction sealants. Create a green environment for your toddler by inculcating commode awareness in him and using lesser diapers per day. Also keep your fans closed for an hour each at day and night. These methods are not tiring and will still keep you green.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home with DIY Solar Panels

Posted on: Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 9:00 am

You may save money and still save lots of energy if you install solar panels. These include solar cells; 36 or 108 in number (according to your need) and generate .5 volts each. Thus you get good enough power through solar energy.

If you want to DIY your solar panel for a green home, you need to first get quality solar cells. These are best acquired through eBay auctions. Then create a wooden container for holding solar cells. Use pegboards for attachments and silicone material for caulking and wiring.

For wiring attachments, you will need some glue and appropriate knowledge. Set these cells in right manner so that they connect with each other to produce volts. You should use plex glass for covering the completed panel. You may test in direct view of the sun and check whether the panel is producing desired results. Solar panels will not bear you down with costs.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home Based Businesses

Posted on: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 9:00 am

There are plenty of green businesses you can run from home. This may require a little input but will be a boon for your conscience.

You can start off by becoming a green event planner. Now, there is continued demand for green weddings and parties and you will have to organize for décor, food and a few other things. You can also become a eco-consultant and advise people on steps they may take to spurt up their energy resources. Energy efficiency consultant is another vocation in this stream.

You can start off a fertilizer packing business from your home, or at most, garden. You can also construct a greenhouse and sell your produce from there. This is a time taking business however.

If Internet savvy, you can start a green Internet store. You will have to install a delivery and billing system and work through merchant accounts. These businesses keep you fresh and energetic.

PostHeaderIcon Green Environment for Your New Baby

Posted on: Sunday, August 1st, 2010 at 10:16 am

Your baby of course cannot fend for its own cleaning. This requires continuous lookout for its efficient hygiene. People take the easy route of letting them wear diapers for the whole day. Greater use of such plastics is harm to your ecology. Try to lessen its use by reducing their time spent in diapers.

Now containers of baby compost are also available in degradable materials. This is completely natural and you can throw the elimination in your nearby garden.

Also make them learn the art of sitting in their toy commodes so that they pick up the practice early in life. This can be inculcated in them as early as 1 year. Also, try and touch them only with sterilized hands as they pick up infections quite rapidly owing to low immunity.

Have their cribs made of wood or other recycled materials. Ensure that they remain much in natural and green environment.