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PostHeaderIcon Green furniture and how to we make it

Posted on: Friday, January 27th, 2012 at 3:35 am

Today, as we are all so aware of the ill effects of pollution, overpopulation, depleting resources and global warming, more and more people are turning to greener and eco-friendly options to do their part in saving the planet. Green furniture has been raising quite a noise these days. The difference between normal and green furniture is the kind of wood that is used. For green furniture, special harvested household hardwood is used. All these kinds of wood have to be certified by FSC-.Forest Stewardship Council. The job of FSC is to make sure that all wood that is harvested is used under control and in the proper way.

The FSC certified green furniture wood is hard to find and are mostly localized. You need to make sure that the wood that you’re using has the exact thickness, age and type that are used for green furniture. Appointing professional artists is a good idea as some professional carpenters actually use FSC certified wood exclusively for all their work.