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PostHeaderIcon Eco friendly car washing

Posted on: Friday, February 17th, 2012 at 5:04 pm

The usual process of car cleaning involves the use of many chemical cleaning agents which are really harmful for the environment. Thus, the environmentalists today from all over are stressing more and more on the eco-friendly car washing procedures. Here are some tips.

Prepare & measure 1 cup of dish washing liquid. Then, get powdered detergent (3/4 cup) which is devoid of chlorine and phosphate. Besides, make sure there is no fuel content in the detergent powder. Now take water (3 gallons) and mix with the above two ingredients. It should be an even blend with all the granules merged & settled prior to use.


Then, you can also use the waterless car cleaning agents for spot cleaning which are a great alternative to harmful and synthetic car cleaners. Lastly, it’s emphasized to count on the sponges with a cellulose base rather than the sea sponge or wood pulp.