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PostHeaderIcon Simple steps to go green

Posted on: Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 6:22 pm

green living, green initiativeThe first thing to do when you are trying to go green is get the level of green that you are looking for ascertained. It is important to figure out exactly to what extent you can maintain a green lifestyle. It is very important that you make a budget as changing a lifestyle may not be a very easy expense in the beginning.

However, it is not important that you have to go with a complete makeover right away. You can start by changing the smaller aspects of your life and then slowly take bigger steps. This will make your new lifestyle more sustainable and a sustainable development is one of the major aspects of a green lifestyle. Since going green will eventually make you save some money, it is advised that you get a savings account opened. This savings can help you with some bigger expenses like a solar panel installation.

PostHeaderIcon Ways to Stop Water Pollution

Posted on: Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 10:13 pm

Prevent water pollution, home careOne of the major problems which our planet faces in this age is pollution. Water and air pollution are the most alarming factors playing a role in pollution of our ecosystem. If you want, you can stop or control pollution to some extent by doing your bit. Water pollution is caused due to many factors. If you can get to the root of the problem and stop it, then you can save many water bodies and enhance the lives of underwater flora and fauna at the same time.

You should keep in mind never to throw any garbage in water bodies. Water bodies have a natural process called eutrophication which is the process of a water body’s cleansing itself. But if you keep dumping garbage and non recyclable materials and harmful chemical, this process will stop soon. Also make sure that you don’t wash clothes or utensils in water. In many countries people defecate in water bodies which make water toxic over time.

PostHeaderIcon How to Build Solar Panels

Posted on: Friday, October 19th, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Build Solar Panels, green homesIf you want to make a solar panel for your home or for a science project, you can easily do that by following the right steps. Making a solar cell can help you build the solar panel and it can be used for small home based options like for lighting or to warm water, etc. The main things you will need are copper wires, Plexiglas, copper sheets, band saw, electric ring hob, thin wooden strips and duct tape. All you have to do is put all this together in the right manner

The energy of the light is directly converted into electricity. The more number of cells you use the more electricity you’ll be able to produce. Using solar energy is a very good idea as the energy source is renewable and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Also you can reduce your electricity bill a lot thus you can save a lot of money too. Just make sure that you have the state permission to set up solar equipment on a considerably large scale before you actually go ahead with all this.

PostHeaderIcon A Simple Green House Design

Posted on: Sunday, October 14th, 2012 at 1:33 pm

Green homes, home improvementDesigning a green house doesn’t literally mean that you paint your house green. The basic idea of having a green home is that the house is built in such a way that its environment friendly. The materials that are used and the techniques which are used for power are also eco friendly. Using paints which do not emit harmful gaseous chemicals are chosen over the regular ones. For the furniture, one can use natural materials like wicker, wood, jute and bamboo,

You should also try using power sources which are renewable. Solar, wind and natural gas energy are the main renewable sources of energy which can be seen used in homes. For that you’ll need permission from the government but it’s not tough to do so as government is more than happy to pass these. Using special heat saving lass and power saving light fixtures are another good option.