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PostHeaderIcon How can you conserve energy at home?

Posted on: Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 1:12 pm

conserve energy, green initiativeThe world has been a beautiful place to live in. However, the rise of technology and developments has played havoc results in the state of the world. The greenery of the earth is measured to find the decreases in it. The increase of harmful gases like the co2 is always n the rise. The main concern is with regards to energy. Most of the people under the sun make use of non-renewable sources of energy. This is acting like a slow poison as it will provide adverse effects in the long run.

When we make use of energy in excess, there is a chance that it might get exhausted before time. Hence, precautions must be taken before it is too late. As charity begins at home you can simply take small steps to conserve energy. Switch off the fans and lights every time you leave a room. Switch off the television or radio if no one is watching or listening them. Close the water tap after use. Try to use direct method rather than sprinkle of shower while bathing or watering plants. Try to adhere to renewable sources of energy like solar or wind energy; this is the best step towards conservation of energy.

PostHeaderIcon A replacement of plastic bags

Posted on: Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Go green, green bagsIn today’s time, everyone should be aware of the damages that are caused to the environment in the name of progress of mankind. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that we do our part in the cause of environment conservation. Now, it is true that in our daily lives it is not always possible to take care of all the aspects but there are some little things that can be dealt with.

One such thing is the use of plastic bags. The problem with this material is that it is non biodegradable. Therefore it remains as it is as it cannot be decomposed. This is very harmful for the earth’s surface and it may also pollute the marine life. Therefore, it is very important that an alternative is used for the plastic bags. May countries have banned the use of the plastic bags and they use paper bags instead.

PostHeaderIcon Green Water Features for Your Bathroom

Posted on: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at 8:08 am

eco bathrooms, green homesWith people becoming so environmentally conscious these days, there are many things which are being tried these days in every sector of life. Using various methods to save energy and the environment can help us reduce our own carbon print. Using a green technology in your own home is not as expensive as it sounds. As a mater of fact, it actually will help you save a lot of money gradually. You could use special flushes and taps which use less water and more pressure to create a good water flow but by using less of it.

You could also try using special transpiration water technology. The water which you use to flush the toilet and clean the bathroom can be taken from transpiration water. This technology needs a small green house or tank where there would be small plants growing. The transpiration which occurs from the plant is used. The gaseous moisture is condensed and taken and collected which is directly sent to the bathroom pipes of the flush and the tap water which can be used for required purposes.