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PostHeaderIcon How to Have Warmth in Your Home without burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Posted on: Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 2:07 pm

home heating, home improvementThese days, we depend on technology a lot for our day today needs and mostly thanks to technological advancement, our electricity bills are also going up by the day. The gadgets, lighting, heating and everything else need to run on electricity and surely, it doesn’t come in cheap. However, there are some simple solutions, which can help you cut down on the amount of money you spend behind electricity. You can use the energy from the sun and use the heat to heat up your water. Using copper pipes connecting to bath water, dishwashing water and tap water directly from the tank can help you get warm water without having to use electric geysers. You can also go for double glazed windows. They trap in the heat and keep rooms warm without room heaters’ requirements. These windows are made of two glasses paned with air trapped in between.

PostHeaderIcon Why should you use alternate energy resources?

Posted on: Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Wind Turbines, alternate energy, solar energyDue to the tremendous growth of technology in the recent time, the demand of conventional energy resources have increased steeply. But according to scientists around the world, there is limited supply of conventional energy resources in the world. At the present rate of consumption, they will last for only another 45 years. Under such a situation, to save mankind, the use of alternate energy resources is necessary.

Various modern methods of harnessing energy from the non conventional sources like sun, wind, tides, etc are used these days to do away with the threat. Also since the conventional energy resource is limited and nearing its compete exhaustion; the price of the energy has also started increasing heavily. Thus you have to pay more and more every day for the same energy consumption. The electrical utilities running from alternate energy resources are much more energy efficient and reduce your expenses as well.

Also if regular harnessing of energy from the alternative resources is made, then a balance can be achieved and the world would not be facing much threat.

PostHeaderIcon Green take on anti-aging

Posted on: Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 8:02 am

anti aging, natural skin careAging is natural but what bother the most are the unsightly signs of aging such as sagging skin, wrinkles, fines lines etc. Everybody prefers a graceful aging and here are some ideas on helpful natural remedies that can be ideal aides to prevent the unwanted marks of aging. It’s good to for a green take on anti-aging because the chemical age defying products might result in negative side kicks.

Ginseng is regarded as “Fountain of the Youth” since centuries given its fantastic anti-aging properties. The herb can tone up your skins & muscles, enhance digestion capacity & restore the sexual energy. Turmeric is another significant herb to keep your skin clear and free from blemishes.

Grapeseed is useful for skin repairs & can also reduce the stretch marks. Then you have Maracuja extracts which work to nourish & revitalize your skin with the linoleic acid. It’s good for both dry and oily skin.