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PostHeaderIcon A short guide on recycling at home

Posted on: Saturday, September 7th, 2013 at 9:42 am

recycling at homeRecycling seems to be one the most favorite words for the environmentalists today given its large ecological benefits. The continuous ecological degradation has pressed the need for successful recycling all over since the process is a great energy saver & also saves landfill space as well as natural resources. Recycling can be started at home only and as per EPA increasing recycling can save up till 315 million oil barrels annually. Are you too looking for recycling tips like a smart and conscious individual? Well, the article here is all about how you can start recycling at home.

There are a great lot of recyclable materials found at home. These include newspapers, magazines, plastic containers, plastic bottles, cardboard, glass bottles etc.- you must arrange separate bins for each of these. When it comes to paper based objects, newspapers should be kept in separate bin and get another bin for unwanted flyers, magazines, envelopes, old letters, computer paper & paper packing. Never include stickers, carbon paper, laminated cardboard, laminated paper and cardboard along with paper-pertinent recycling bins. Corrugated cardboard is a fantastic material for recycling. You have the curbside collectors who will take away the cardboard for recycling. However, make sure the cardboard sent is absolutely dry as greasy, wet, waxy or plastic coated cardboard can’t be recycled.

In regards to plastic, you have to have 2 separate bins for No.1 & No.2 plastic. PET plastic (usually found in the plastic bottles) is the No.1 plastic. Don’t forget to remove caps from PET bottles while putting them in the recycling bin. HDPE plastic comes under the category of No.2 plastic- it includes household plastic containers & grocery bags. You must know that glass will be recycled by shades, like clear or brown or green. You can stick paper labels on these bottles or jars while placing them in the bins.