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PostHeaderIcon An Overview On Pollution Liability Insurance

Posted on: Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Pollution Liability InsuranceEarlier, business insurance policies used to cover any claim that used to arise due to pollution. But after the asbestos litigation (1970s), pollution liability insurance was offered separately. Also known as gap insurance, this policy provides protection to the contractors and businesses against any pollution risks which might be related to the different types of industrial operations and constructions works. If you make use of the pollution liability insurance policy then you are protected in the following ways: First, when you suffer any loss due to the pollution caused on some other person’s property and second, when pollution is caused on your own property.

This insurance policy is very useful for small businesses such as hair salons and dry cleaners. Service shops like automobile repair shops, electronic shops etc also find the pollution liability coverage very handy. Home building and commercial building contractors take full advantage of this particular insurance policy. All the above mentioned professions most of the time involve activities that lead to different kinds of pollution. Therefore pollution liability insurance provides necessary protection to them.
The main objective of this policy is to offer coverage for any injuries, damages, cleanup works and procedures, repairs etc caused by any kind of pollution. Along with these, it provides cover for worker’s compensation, legal costs, medical costs, mold damage, gradual and sudden conditions of pollution, claim investigation costs and so on.

Pollution liability insurance policies have gained a lot of importance today because people have become aware of the harmful effects of pollution and know that the cleanup costs are also very expensive these days. Thus more and more contractors and businesses are being forced to utilize this insurance policy so that the extra baggage of additional cleanup costs and claims can be avoided conveniently without threatening the survival of their businesses.

PostHeaderIcon Common Myths In Relation To Solar Energy

Posted on: Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 2:37 am

Solar EnergyNowadays every person is conscious about the deteriorating health of the environment because of which majority of the people are trying to be eco-friendly and are engaging in environmentally-friendly activities only. People are very much dependant on non-renewable resources which are fast depleting. Thus research is being carried out to introduce renewable sources of energy and authorities are encouraging people to utilze renewable resources such as wind energy, hydrological energy, solar energy etc. Solar energy is the only renewable resource that is utilized by the people belonging to different parts of the world. However certain myths revolves around solar energy and this article is going to highlight the three major misconceptions for you.

• Solar panels and solar cells are expensive: True to a certain extent. But then many of the governments offer incentives and discounts to people who take the initiative of buying these solar cells and panels. Once solar panels and cells are utilized, your electricity bills will be reduced tremendously. Plus these cells and panels are worth every penny you spend as they last for a long period of time.
• Solar technology is not that worthwhile: Most of the people refrain from the use of solar energy in their homes and offices because they doubt the capability of solar energy. Whereas some other people think, solar energy will be replaced by some greater technology. In this way, people do not end up using solar energy which is perhaps the most easily available and economical renewable resource.
• Solar panels or solar cells look very weird when installed in homes or offices: Well this is certainly not true. Solar panels and cells have actually become a part of home décor plans and do not effect the overall look of your home or office.
Ignore these myths and utilize solar energy as much as possible.