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PostHeaderIcon Proven Benefits of Green Tea

Posted on: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 7:32 am

Green tea and its benefits

Benefits of green tea

We might all be having green tea in the morning, just because we like to drink. But have you ever thought what benefits of having green tea daily are? Or you’re simply taking for the sake of having it? Well, there are many benefits of green tea that might increase your anxiety of in taking it regularly. If you’re planning of losing your weight, green tea is termed to be a super drink for you! The legacy of drinking green tea is increasing day by day. It has proved to be a delicious medical medicine that helps in fitting against many of the diseases and losing weight too. If you observe any of the fat burning supplements on the ingredient list, there are more chances of green tea addition to the list too. Here are certainly some of the benefits that are proven to be helpful for the people who are taking green tea in their daily routine.

Green tea benefits:

  • Weight loss is the biggest benefit that is available if you’re taking green tea every day. It contains many of such ingredients that are helpful in losing your weight. Green tea helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. The material of polyphenol found I the green tea works in reducing the levels of fat and increases the rate at which body turns the food into calories.
  • It mainly affects the lower abdominal part of the body that hence helps in reducing the belly fat. It is statistically proven that green tea helps in reducing the weight and increases the metabolism. The person having diabetes is best advisable of using green tea in their daily routine.
  • Green tea apparently helps in regulating the levels of glucose and also works in slowing the rise of blood sugar after completing your food. This will simply result in high insulin and hence results in storing up the fats. Are you facing any heart disease? Green tea is basically your thing that will help you in reducing the chances of heart disease.
  • Many of the scientists think that green tea functions on the lining of blood vessels. This helps them in staying calm and relaxed for better capacity of withstanding the changes observed in blood pressure. Even, it helps in reducing the formation of clots that can be the primary cause for heart attack.
  • Green tea helps in killing the bacteria that are accumulated on the teeth. It simply helps in making your teeth healthy and white again. Green tea has the capacity of killing the bacteria that simply helps in improving the dental health and lower downs the possibilities infection in the teeth. Biologically it is proven; it helps in preventing decay of teeth and cavities.
  • It also helps in getting rid of bad breath from the mouth. Want to control over your cholesterol? Green tea helps in reducing the bad cholesterol present in the blood and helps in improving good cholesterol. Green tea not only helps in reducing the weight but also functions in improving the functioning system of the brain.

PostHeaderIcon How To Stop Hair Fall Naturally

Posted on: Saturday, March 11th, 2017 at 11:17 am

Naturally stopping hairfall

Stop hairfall naturally

Hair fall is a universal issue for both men and women. However genes play a big role in hair fall. However there can several other reasons for hair fall also. There can be hormonal change, nutritional deficiency, improper blood circulation and several other reasons for hair fall. However whatever the reason is important thing is to stop hair fall. Many people opt for medicines and various treatments for stopping hair fall which is not the right thing to do.  There are several ways by which you can stop hair fall naturally without taking medicines. Stopping hair fall naturally can take some time but you will definitely see results and that too without any harmful effects.  If you are not aware of the ways to stop hair fall naturally then refer this article and check out these ways and apply the one you find most convenient and see the results for yourself.

  • Coconut

Coconut is one of the best ways for stopping hair fall naturally. This ingredient can do plenty of benefits to your hair. This will help to increase the hair growth and also condition your scalp. It contains those elements like calcium, proteins and minerals which will reduce the breakage and is also quite rich in iron and potassium. You can either use coconut oil or you can also go for using coconut milk for stopping hair fall naturally. For getting the best result, you need to make the oil bit hot and then massage your hair with it from your root to the tip. Wash your hair after one hour of the massage. You can also grate a coconut and squeeze it and take some milk out and then mix it with little water and apply it to your hair. Apply it to the area which is balding or thinning. Let it stay for a night and then wash it in the morning.

  • Onion juice

Onion has a great content of sulphur and applying it can stop hair fall naturally. Onion juice is very helpful in increasing hair growth and it also increase collagen production. Apply this juice on the scalp and it will work heavily in stopping hair fall naturally. Chop one onion properly and then squeeze the juice out of it. Let the juice remain on the scalp for 15 minutes or more. Clean it off with mild shampoo and then let it dry. You can make use of it two times a month.

  • Garlic

Just like the onion, garlic is also very rich in sulphur. This is one of e reasons why it is used so much traditional medicines for hair growth. Take some of the cloves of garlic and crush them. Add some portion of coconut oil to garlic and boil them for some minutes. Let it get cool for some minutes and then use it for massaging your scalp. Let it on your scalp for period of 30 minutes and then wash your hair. If you want to stop hair fall naturally and want optimum result, do this twice in a week.