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Posted on: Friday, May 12th, 2017 at 7:46 am

Installed green roof in home

Home with green roof

Is the flat roof which is beside your elevated porch and trouble typo your eye along with making your home a heat island? Is your view of pool side and garden is ruined because of sight of pumps and filters from the second story window? Is the storm water running off from your roof and causing troubles? The only solution to this plenty of problems is installation of a green roof. Installation of green roof is a do it yourself task which will improve the view and decrease the energy cost of your home and avail you with several ecofriendly benefits. As it is a DIY job, cost would not be any matter of issue. Here are some of the essential facts about green roof you need to know while installing it.

What exactly green roof is?

Green roofs are basically those roofs which are totally covered or partly covered up with vegetation which would grow over the layers which are waterproof. The layer can be of any material. If you are thinking green roof is a roof with some plants growing in containers then it is not green roof. There are basically two types of green roof. The first one is intensive where in the layer of soil is of more than six inches and the other one is extensive wherein the layer of soil is of six inches or less than that.

Pick the location

The perfect location for installing green roof is below the level of higher roof having the sightlines from the home and can be accessed from a window or a porch for easy maintenance. If you are installing a green roof below the higher roof then it will let the roof slow and also filter the rainfall runoff from the high roofing along with the rain which is falling on the green roof. You can catch the runoff of water by hanging the rain chain from a gutter down towards the green roof. Rain chains can be made available in plenty of designs and they can also be bought from the online sites and also from some garden centres. Some of the other considerations for the placement are to site green roof where it will help in hiding the system equipment like filters and pool pumps.

Consider the weight limit

The adequate depth needed for a layer of soil for a green roof without having any special need of structural designs will be four to six inches. For making a gut check, you need to take a walk on the roof and check the sturdiness of your roof. There should not be any kind of bounce or wobble. If you are not sure about the sturdiness of the roof to handle the weight of green roof then it’s advisable to call a professional and get your roof checked by him. If professionals say your roof is okay then only proceeds with the installation of the green roof. In any circumstance don’t breach the local building codes.