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PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green: Boilers and Radiator Heating Systems

Posted on: Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Boiler and radiator heating systems are efficient machines or appliances when it comes to greening the environment. The appliances are long in vogue and are becoming popular with each passing day.

Boilers and radiators are big positive addition to the green campaign. Nevertheless, boiler or radiator heating system helps in reducing your home bills and heating costs and improving your home’s energy efficiency. Well, if these are the facts that you are interested in then do read on for further info to going green with the choice of boilers and radiators.

With installing a boilers and radiators you can expect to improve your housing system. Going green can helps in a major way. If you can make that initial expenditure upfront, you are sure to enjoy a happy and safe future. An efficient green process helps to significantly reduce home energy costs for future. If you ever estimate the amount you spend on the bills of home appliances you will be surprised to see the amount getting reduced by a huge margin once you adopt the green process.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green: Bathroom Remodels

Posted on: Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Well, with the effect of green house emission rising every second, we as the responsible citizen of this world must make every possible move to make our planet a safe and sound place to live in. there are many ways in which we can contribute, but to start with it is necessary to begin from home.

Let’s take the example of your bathroom, a place which is used by you regularly. Now, making your bathroom green can be the best way to start your campaign to promote greening. The process can be bit expensive but comparing it with the utility it serves you can well afford to spend that extra buck.
1. Install low flow shower head and faucets: it help to save wastage of water by a huge margin.
2. Go for light paints because that will reflect light and not absorb it. Absorbing light can make the room heated up.
3. Remove old inefficient heater with the new one which is efficient and improved model.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green with Brick or Stone Siding

Posted on: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 9:00 am

The major role of any green home is to be responsible, healthy, energy efficient and durable. In any such attempt to greening your home a sliding roof or wall is important. So if you are planning to green your sliding installation, then you can look to the following points for help and encouragements.

Brick or stone siding is highly preferred and ranks at the top and offers some suitable solutions, pertaining to greening of sliding walls/roofs, that you can opt for. Why is this whole process so important? Well, going green has a two fold advantage. It improves energy efficiency through use of bricks and stones and, because of its high quality, has a long term effect. There is no better sliding alternative than a brick or stone. Compared to other composite siding agents like vinyl (which fails in all possible criterion mentioned above) or other natural agents like the wood siding (which harms the environment in more ways than protecting it, like deforestation) brick and stone siding scores far ahead of others and qualifies as a better choice.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green Natural Slate Roofing

Posted on: Saturday, September 11th, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Well, a roof is an important aspect of your house. Hence, every effort must be made to make it energy efficient. The roof is the only part of your house that is directly exposed to the outer heat, rain and storm. So you need to protect it and make is energy efficient.

Green slate roofing is a good option to consider. It is an easy process and highly efficient. It required minimal maintenance and has high longevity. If going green is your motto, then there is no better way than this. Slate roofing has been largely accepted across the spectrum due to the simplicity and longevity of the process.

Green natural slate roofing has a win-win case. It is, on one hand an efficient process which helps you to protect environment thus enabling you to contribute towards the environmental cause and secondly the energy saving can actually transform into low electricity bills thus low pressure on your wallet.

PostHeaderIcon Tips For Green Home Design

Posted on: Sunday, June 13th, 2010 at 11:46 am

Nowadays, almost everyone is trying to go green, and help make the world a better place. Designing a green home is one step one can achieve this, but there are some tips one can follow to hasten this. In other words, the following tips can greatly help one in designing a green home.

The first tip is for one to opt for natural choices, rather than synthetics. This means that instead of opting for laminates, one can go for stone or wood counters in their homes. Soft rattan furniture can also be preferred over metal frames. One can spend more time asking their dealers to explain which products contain less synthetic, and are more environmentally friendly. One can also minimize spending by opting for items with bigger visual impacts so instead of altering an entire floor, one can lay a rug that matches with the decor of their homes. Also, one should make the best out of natural lighting. This may mean opening one’s windows wide, when there’s plenty of sunlight.

PostHeaderIcon Green infrastructure

Posted on: Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 9:23 am

The concept of green infrastructure originated by the 1990s in United States. The important aspect was to decide on usage of natural environment during planning of land use. Emphasis was given on “life support” functions available to us with a network of ecological system.

This includes clear water, rich soil and planting of trees which can create shade and save the environment. This in turn helps us in creating long lasting sustainability of environment.
In the United Kingdom the green infrastructure has come along way and is widely used for planning in the public sector across nation, regional and local planning.

In the United States with the help of green infrastructure (managed by EPA) the water quality is upgraded. it is done my more efficient management of storm water and treating it through various methods and lift up the stress on the traditional draining system.

To conclude green infrastructure helps to make eco friendly environment for the society at large.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home Design Benefits

Posted on: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green home is synonymous with healthy family. If you design your home green, then you have already ensured that your loved one are well guarded. With green home designs, you can be assured of a durable flooring that needs no remodeling for years. This saves money and harassment both. Green home designs should include the use of non-toxic paint and sealants as much as possible for cleaner air to breathe.

You can go for the lumber that is certified by the environmentalists as safe. When you think of building green home, the initial costs may be high but in the long run it saves money. You can utilize wind and sunlight to generate power in your green home. This reduces cost of electricity bills. The Gray water system is another green home design that recycles the use of water from one part of the household to the other. All these minimize your cost and make you happy.

PostHeaderIcon Best of Green Home Designs

Posted on: Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green home designs are incomplete without using eco-friendly products and appliances. It is really important to understand the reality and opt for green home designs without wasting more time. First and foremost, you should use lead-free paint for your walls. No design is complete without color, so make sure it is not poisonous.

Recycled materials are in great demand and suits green home designs to the core. Counter tops and other things made from recycled materials are in huge demand. This improves the look of your kitchen and toilet as well.

Home furniture plays the lead role in home design, so consider them for refinishing if not dilapidated. Besides, make sure that you use energy saving electrical appliances and gadgets. Dimmer switches and fluorescent lights uses less energy but still makes your home glow. Also consider on getting a bamboo and cork flooring, as they look gorgeous and are definitely green inclusions. These are some of the green home designs.

PostHeaderIcon Green Building Trends

Posted on: Saturday, September 19th, 2009 at 6:35 am

Green Building, Green DesignsGreen building is a phenomenon that aims at instilling environmental-friendly practices in contractors and others involved in construction of buildings. Some of these trends that have been adopted include: substituting cement with other materials that are less toxic. These include fly ash, rice hull, silica fume and slag. Just like cement these materials are durable but cause no adverse effects on the environment. Another trend is use of low or no volatile organic compounds paints that are a major air pollutant. An alternative is the latex-based paints.

Another trend is use of bamboo for making floors as opposed to the hardwoods. Bamboos are beautiful and grow very fast. Further still, builders can incorporate equipment used for harvesting and storing rain water in the buildings as this reduces demand on the country’ s water supply. Installing of solar panels is also a green building practice as it makes use of the sun-a natural resource.

PostHeaderIcon Five Elements of Green Design

Posted on: Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 10:18 am

Green StructuresThe elements of green design includes: sustainable site design, water conservation and quality, energy and environment, indoor environmental quality, and the issue of materials and resources. When designing, one is supposed to choose sites such that they do not damage any parts that are critical to the ecosystem. This ensures that certain important parts of the landscape including water towers do not become unnecessarily endangered.

When planning for the structure, the designer should create a budget that allows for retention of low impact storm water and include in the design features which will make it possible to achieve this. Solar energy is quite an effective resource if only one could work in features that help them capture the passive potential of this source. Maximization of the day’s light and making it well ventilated makes for a well designed structure. Engineer designed stress building materials make for an efficiently safe structure.