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PostHeaderIcon Promotional gifts – Eco friendly gifts for business

Posted on: Saturday, November 6th, 2010 at 1:07 pm

GREEN – the word is found to be increasingly prevalent in our lives these days. The awareness of living in an eco-friendly environment is slowing catching up with the masses. The need to reach out to others has always been a necessity and there is no other better way than saying it with eco gifts.

With so many multi-national companies grooming up at every corner, it is very important to promote the business ideals that get attention of the consumer. A better way to reach out in business is through a promotional gift that is ideal to the consumers. These gifts can be made out of eco- friendly materials that help in targeting the potential clients and in generating an environmental awareness in a larger way.

Promotional gifts are more cost effective and help in the re-cycling of waste materials. With many options available on eco-friendly gifts, choose from note pads to desk stands. They are all made from recycled materials like any other ecological products. The use of promotional products has become the norm for any company to thrive and to support being green has only made the responsibility even higher. They contribute in saving the environment from hazardous destruction and also help in promoting the business in a friendly way.

Some of the usual promotional products include pens, show pieces and gifts made out of plastic. They are very harmful for the environment. So wisely choose gifts that are made from eco- friendly materials such as corn starch. Select products such as glass or coffee mugs made from recycled material. Companies other than the regular MNCs also promote business through eco gifts to target a wider audience. It is very common for sports brand labels to give away gift like golf products, shoes and balls. Sports and fitness gift ideas are a new concept and are slowly evolving with time. Most of the sports gear are checked for chemical and allergic resistance and made from good quality materials that comply with the green standards.

They can be gifted on any occasion such as birthday, seasonal greetings, special offers, and many more. With simple, minimal design and packing, the recycled product would be a better way to build bridges among people. Always check for the label, to ensure that the gifts are completely eco -friendly and are recyclable.

Promotional gifts are widely appreciated and it makes sense to stay ahead of the rest with unique ways of helping and initiating changes in the society. There are always numerous ways to publicize and gain acknowledgment and going green takes it further by helping to reduce the amount of wastage by recycling and creates a better surrounding for all around us.

PostHeaderIcon Eco-friendly farming

Posted on: Sunday, October 31st, 2010 at 9:16 am

Concerned about keeping the earth greener? Want to switch to an eco friendly way of farming? If so, organic farming is a fantastic way of doing so. Now, you may inquire what organic farming is all about. It is a greener way of farming where you skip the part which includes using toxic pesticides, artificial fertilizers and herbicides. In case of conventional farming, you end up polluting the land, the water and even the air.  A perfect amalgamation of nature and science, organic farming helps you to keep the planet greener by preventing soil and water pollution.

Instead of using artificial chemical fertilizers, you should switch to green manuring, a natural compost. These are equally rich fertilizers and will also reduce soil pollution simultaneously. Opt for poly-culture which is the method through which more than one sort of crop is grown in a single plot of land. You can also go for biological pesticides like neem extracts instead of the chemical ones. Simple steps will actually make a huge difference, your food will taste better, and you will be taking a step ahead towards a healthier life.

PostHeaderIcon 10 Ways to Green Your Office

Posted on: Sunday, August 15th, 2010 at 9:00 am

You would only benefit from greening your office. Here are ten ways to make the office look and breathe green:

1. Synchronize your office travel. If you can manage a carpool with other colleagues, nothing beats it.
2. Avoid use of bottled water.

3. Avoid use of plastic utensils. Try ceramics instead.
4. Ventilate your office well. Reduce application of air conditioners.
5. Use wooden furniture. Fiberglass furniture is not a green idea. Also use fluorescent lights in office for energy conservation.
6. Avoid large use of printers.
7. Use biodegradable stationery; especially paper and cartridges.
8. Make a habit of consuming whole grains in office. Do not grill or barbeque in office kitchen.
9. Use recycled computers and other gadgets. They work efficiently all the same.
10. Close the entire system when you close the office.

These steps will help you harbor a green and fresh office; good for hygiene and pockets.

PostHeaderIcon Creating a Zero Waste Office

Posted on: Friday, August 13th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Zero waste office is a euphoric state that will take some time to be realized. However, you can work your way towards emitting negligible green gas emissions.

If you are an IT firm or whatever, do work largely in soft copy. Reduce use of paper. Printers are considered widely against the spirit of greening. So print only when urgent.

Have wooden furniture and don’t stuff your office with useless electronics. Keep these gadgets in fine condition. A sick HVAC system will only be hazard to green office.

Encourage use of pencils for indoor office work. Ventilate your office well and keep your office spacious. Use biodegradable stationery. These small things go long in reducing office waste.

Installing solar panels for power creation is another wise step. Use ENERGY STAR illumination throughout your office. Don’t use plastic cups and other eating utensils. Invest in earthen ware. Keep updated on exceptional natural items usable in office.

PostHeaderIcon Adopting a holistic approach to greening IT

Posted on: Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 9:00 am

IT companies are flushed with computers; major generators of e-waste. You will thus find it hard to green IT. However, with the assemblage of Green Grid by eminent software companies like AMD, INTEL and DELL, you have the option to store massive data along with energy conservation.

You need to take a holistic approach towards green IT. Firstly, use green computers or computers made of recycled materials. There will be lesser toxins in them. Dispose your computers when they are out of place and efficiency. Invest in ergonomic and green furniture.

Use solar panels for energy and power in small details. This will save you some energy. Apply other energy efficient parameters like switching off mechanisms when not in function, having a garden outside and placing a few plants in-house.

Just make sure that algorithmic efficiency of your system is not harmed. Since lots of people work in IT firms, being energy efficient becomes rather imperative.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home Based Businesses

Posted on: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 9:00 am

There are plenty of green businesses you can run from home. This may require a little input but will be a boon for your conscience.

You can start off by becoming a green event planner. Now, there is continued demand for green weddings and parties and you will have to organize for décor, food and a few other things. You can also become a eco-consultant and advise people on steps they may take to spurt up their energy resources. Energy efficiency consultant is another vocation in this stream.

You can start off a fertilizer packing business from your home, or at most, garden. You can also construct a greenhouse and sell your produce from there. This is a time taking business however.

If Internet savvy, you can start a green Internet store. You will have to install a delivery and billing system and work through merchant accounts. These businesses keep you fresh and energetic.

PostHeaderIcon Where to Recycle a Computer

Posted on: Sunday, August 1st, 2010 at 10:12 am

Like mobiles, computers too contain lots of toxins like lead, mercury and bromine. Thus, it is always apt to recycle your computer. You can erasers to ensure that your hard drives gets completely blank and its contents cannot be used by others.

Earth 999 and My green Electronics are great avenues that help you recycle your computers. They provide you the list of recycled material acquirers and refurbishers. You can also check online sites for better work. These companies also provide you the names of websites.

You can also hand the computer over to local AT&T stores. If not the whole computer, you can donate your rechargeable batteries to specific agencies. If you are diligent, you will get email specials from respective agencies that appreciate your concern.

It is also advised to get your new sets from companies that offer green computers, i.e. computers created out of recycled materials and help ecology.

PostHeaderIcon Eco- Friendly Phones

Posted on: Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 at 9:35 am

Everything today is turning eco-friendly in order to protect the environment which has now become a great threat to mankind with the increased rate of global warming. Phones have also been included in this. Today, more than half of the world’s population own phones. Phones have waves that may end up being harmful to people, therefore, in a bid to avoid this, manufacturers have come up with eco friendly phones for their customers.

First, the phone is made from recyclable plastic material and to top it all up, manuals can now be accessed online avoiding the use of paper. Phone companies are out to ensure that people preserve the environment and to this effect, they are encouraging people to collect their phones so that they can be recycled.

Charging systems for eco-friendly phones have also been changed to solar systems. Most of them are now solar powered, meaning that they utilize the energy produced by the sun.

PostHeaderIcon Green Office Solutions

Posted on: Thursday, March 18th, 2010 at 9:52 am


All companies and individuals have a responsibility to use resources considerately and to understand that even a small number of changes to their daily routines can have a large impact on the environment. There are a host of things you and your employees can do to save the environment.

Reduce the amount of paper that needs to be recycled in the first place. Make double-sided copies. Share memos via e-mail instead of printing them. Reuse the back of old documents for printing drafts or as scrap paper to formulate ideas and projects. Choose Energy-efficient devices. Look for labels such as the EU Energy label. Change tungsten bulbs to energy-efficient, compact fluorescent lamps. Manage heating and cooling with timers and sensor controls. Turn off in empty rooms. Reduce vehicle use by car sharing, use public transport wherever possible and provide incentives to do so. Don’t dump unwanted office furniture. Pass it on using a materials exchange scheme.

PostHeaderIcon Green business printing card ideas

Posted on: Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at 9:00 am

nullHave you seen custom green business printing cards being given around recently? They are turning to be fancier. There are business card templates using each color of the rainbow. Business card printing has turn out to be a lot more bright, diverse and creative.

Make use of a simple however dignified design, there are lots of business card templates from business card printing companies which are getting a little way on the top. If you are not crafting your own traditional business card, then attempt to select a simple and reputable design for your business card. Everybody might convince you to try the more expensive and fancy design, however does not essentially mean its better.

Choose a design that suits you as well as your profession.

For business persons you do not have go all creative. A business is a respectable and serious task; therefore print a business card of that image. Have your business cards to be printed in high quality paper.