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PostHeaderIcon Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening

Posted on: Monday, April 28th, 2014 at 3:53 am

Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable GardeningHydroponic gardening is the one where crops are cultivated by planting roots into liquid nutrient-solutions rather than the usual practice of planting them in soil. As crops are settled in the fluid nutrient solutions along with gravel, the liquid circulates around roots by circulation pump or wick action. The most basic elements forming the hydroponic fluid nutrient solution include magnesium sulfate, potassium phosphate, calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate. These nutrients should be dissolved fully in the nutrient mix before these are passed through the roots. The other elements that are infused in the hydroponic solution are iron sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese chloride, zinc sulfate & boric acid.

In the initial level, the same nutrient solution has to be used for around 14 days at a stretch. But then the solution must be changed after every seven day.

In case of hydroponic indoor gardening, it’s advised to place the garden where it can receive high traffic & high level of CO2 simultaneously. The other most essential things for a flourishing hydroponic vegetable garden are bright sunlight for 5-6 hours, airy ambience and 45-75 degree C temperature.

Ideal veggies for hydroponic indoor garden

Cucumber- It’s one of the most befitting for your indoor hydroponic vegetable setup. Usually one single creeper would offer you sufficient stock for entire season. You must clip that creeper to main stem & train it to a strong string.

Broccoli- Broccoli is a very nutritious and healthy crop with a lush green head. You are able to grow just 1 plant on each pot- the broccoli simply requires a temperature not more than 60 degrees & airy space.

Spinach- Spinach is a plant enriched in iron content and hence a must have for your kitchen almost every day. However, remember spinach plant would need a stable drainage system and around 3 to 4 inches of spacing.

PostHeaderIcon Cleaning Agents are Present in Your Kitchen

Posted on: Friday, November 8th, 2013 at 2:52 am

kitchen careOne of the simple ways in which you can go green is changing your cleaning habits. The manufacturing of these cleaners is done in a harmful manner and is hazardous for you also when you use them in yore house. Just by using simple components that you already have in your house, you can reduce your carbon footprint. There is no need to use harsh chemical and toxic materials to clean your house. Cleaning can be done safely and in a cost effective manner.

Some of the household things which you already have and can be used as cleaning agents are explained here. Baking soda which is easily available in all houses can be conveniently used to clean countertops, removing stains, grease spills, and can also be used in the water while sweeping the floors. A little baking soda kept open in the fridge will help to absorb the entire unwanted and stinky odor and will keep your food fresh. It can also be dusted at the bottom of the garbage buckets. Cornstarch is a deodorizer and can be used to clean your carpets. They can also clean window panes, rugs helps to take off grease stains and makes the clothes crisp for ironing. Lime juice is used to clean stains on aluminum. Washing soda can also remove the stains naturally. It is very useful in cleaning walls, tiles and tubs. You should be extra careful while using it can keep it away from your eyes or nose as it can cause irritation.

Borax is a natural disinfectant and can also be used as an insecticide, herbicide, and moisture absorbent. It can also be used to clean walls, floors and with laundry detergent. Vinegar is also a very cheap and good cleaner. It can be used to remove moulds. It can also be mixed with lemon juice to increase its strength.

PostHeaderIcon Importance of conducting energy audit in your home

Posted on: Saturday, August 24th, 2013 at 2:38 am

home energyEnergy is a very important thing without which our daily life will be stopped. With the growth of technological advancements and demands, the energy consumption is also increasing. Thus the cost towards energy is also increasing exponentially and is thus burning a hole in our pockets. However there is a way by which you can keep the energy cost within your budget limit. Energy audit is such a way by which you can identify where there is excess use of energy and consecutively measures can be taken to reduce it.

Energy audit should be carried out by professionals to get the desired result. You have to show the auditor all sources of energy consumption in your house and their estimated duration of use every day. Depending on the specifications of the energy utilities and your demand, the auditor will draft a report of how much energy do you consume every day. Following the energy audit reports, professionals can guide you about the fact that where there is scope of reduction of energy consumption. Also if there is any wastage or unnecessarily excess use of energy in any utility, that can also be pointed out from the energy audit report.

Sometimes energy consumption may shoot up steadily due to faulty electrical utility drawing more power or due to fault in the transmission line in your home. Depending on the situation you can act accordingly. Energy audit report can also guide you to replace some of the old electrical utilities with the new ones in the market that consume much less power and are termed as green utilities. You should carry out energy audit at least twice in a year to get fruitful results. There are certain guidelines to be followed for the energy audit in your home. You should be well accustomed with the system while carrying put energy audit in your home.

PostHeaderIcon How to conduct an energy audit of your home?

Posted on: Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at 12:45 am

energy audit for homeIf you are planning to conduct an energy audit of your home, then you have to follow certain rules. The energy audit is mainly carried out to see the energy used by your on daily basis or monthly basis. To carry out this audit, first of all identify the sources of energy consumption. This is the most important thing because if you leave out any of the sources, then the purpose of the energy audit won’t be fulfilled successfully.

Carefully note down the meter reading at the beginning of a day or a month. After the end of the month or the day you will get to see the amount of energy consumed in watt hours. Most modern meters even give the energy consumed in watts. If you get the energy consumption in watt hours, then you have to take care of the number of hours for which each of the appliances is running.

Noting down the energy consumption of each of the electrical appliances individually is also important otherwise you won’t be able to make the detailed estimate of the energy consumed by them.

PostHeaderIcon 3 Ways Going Green Will Save You Money –

Posted on: Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 7:26 am

green home improvementThinking about changing your actions to reduce your carbon footprint is awesome! The even better news is that, in addition to treating the environment better, you can treat your wallet better. A lot of the behavioral changes you make in “going green” will save you quite a bit of money.

Recycle. Many states offer a cash incentive for recycling and if you’re a big drinker of canned sodas or bottled beer, you better be taking advantage of it. An extra $0.05 is typically tacked onto the cost of your purchase, and the way you can get it back is by taking all of your empty bottles back to the grocery store for recycling. If your neighbors aren’t doing this, you may want to offer to take theirs along with you. You’ll pocket a little bit of extra change and the recyclables won’t end up in the garbage.

Modify your commute. Whether you decide to carpool, switch to public transportation, ride a bike, or walk to work every day or a few days a week, you’re doing a great thing for the environment. You’re also going to see significant savings. Parking in most big cities can cost a few hundred dollars per month, not to mention the gas you spend getting there and all of the wear and tear on your car. If you can split these costs or reduce them entirely, you’re going to start seeing a lot more cash in your wallet each month.

Reduce your utilities. If you use less energy in your home, whether it’s by turning off lights more often, keeping the house a little chillier in the winter or warmer in the summer than you normally would, or running the water less frequently, you’re definitely going to see a nice surprise the next time your bill comes in the mail!

PostHeaderIcon How to Build Solar Panels

Posted on: Friday, October 19th, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Build Solar Panels, green homesIf you want to make a solar panel for your home or for a science project, you can easily do that by following the right steps. Making a solar cell can help you build the solar panel and it can be used for small home based options like for lighting or to warm water, etc. The main things you will need are copper wires, Plexiglas, copper sheets, band saw, electric ring hob, thin wooden strips and duct tape. All you have to do is put all this together in the right manner

The energy of the light is directly converted into electricity. The more number of cells you use the more electricity you’ll be able to produce. Using solar energy is a very good idea as the energy source is renewable and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Also you can reduce your electricity bill a lot thus you can save a lot of money too. Just make sure that you have the state permission to set up solar equipment on a considerably large scale before you actually go ahead with all this.

PostHeaderIcon Keep home fresh with eco friendly tips

Posted on: Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at 7:13 am

Eco home care, home improvement tipsKeeping your home fresh and filled with pleasant odor is very important. It not only makes living in the house pleasant but also draws accolades from the guests. Here are a few tips to keep your home fresh using eco-friendly methods.

Do not mash the unpleasant odors, eliminate them altogether. Dirty surfaces should be wiped with vinegar. You can keep open boxes filled with baking soda in the cupboards, shoe boxes and closets. Keep a lot of live flowers and plants in your house. Houseplants remove the toxins from the air purifying it and this will keep your home fresh. You can burn beeswax candles with the cotton wicks. These candles give out a sweet but subtle scent and this will keep your rooms fresh for a very long time. Fill up some potpourri dishes with dried flowers like lavender and keep them in the rooms. Keeping mint, allspices and cloves will also have the same effect.

PostHeaderIcon Eco friendly tips to freshen your home

Posted on: Friday, August 10th, 2012 at 11:35 am

eco friendly homeEnvironment is at a risk and saving it is the responsibility of the citizen of the earth. You could use up some of the best eco-friendly material to clean up your home. All the cleaning materials are made up of harmful chemicals. This really effects the environment a lot. You can use cinnamon, vinegar, lemon oil, water, bicarbonate soda to clean up your home in an eco-friendly manner. There are many ways by which you can clean up your home quite easily.

Mixture of lemon, water and vinegar can help you clean your windows. You can use bicarbonate soda and vinegar to clean your blocked drain pipe of your sink. Cinnamon when dropped in water and left in a corner will make the house smell sweet. Fizzy soda can be used to clean the toilet of your home. All these cleaning materials are eco-friendly and can easily make your home look fresh again without affecting the environment.

PostHeaderIcon What is reflective insulation and how to use it?

Posted on: Monday, June 25th, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Reflective insulation, home insulationRadiant burner is another name that is used for what is commonly known as reflective foil insulation. It is actually a material that is shiny and is used for reducing the costs of cooling and heating. They are installed in the areas of the attic. These materials come in rolls and they are attached under the roof of the attic or on the floor of the attic.

Heat is reflected back in the summer days and it reduces the cost of air conditioning. Warm air is trapped by these insulators in the winter time reducing the cost of heating. The process of installation of these foils is very easy and you will be able to do it on your own, as there are no requirements of any special tools. it is a very good option for those who want to condition the air of your house in a way that would be energy efficient and be economic at the same time.

PostHeaderIcon Sustainable home renovation tips

Posted on: Saturday, May 19th, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Tips to renovate house, home renovationThere are various sustainable home renovation tips which are available in the internet seeing which many of you may feel flustered and confused about how to renovate your home in an eco friendly way. The first thing which you must do it is to make a list of your needs and what you want to achieve. First make sure that what exactly you want in your house, is or is it not that your utility bill is exorbitantly high and whether or not you want natural light to get inside your house.

After asking these questions and having the answering with you look for well reputed green builders in your locality and who will share your thoughts and ideals and is highly skilled ion this trade for quite a long span of time. Look for a person who has a certificate of being a Certified Remodeler by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry as a certified builder can help you in more ways than an uncertified one.