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PostHeaderIcon How To Use Recycled Softener Containers For Crafts

Posted on: Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 9:00 am

Plastic bottles are one of the most common sites in rubbish pits, but these bottles can be used to make crafts, or other useful items. One can take an awl or a knife and use it to poke holes in the fabric softener’s center, while working from inside the cap.

The container lid can then be removed, and sliced through the bottle, starting from above the top of the handle, to the bottle’s body, and then slanting downwards to the side of the bottle where there is no handle. Once this is complete, one can place the yarn inside the bottle, and then thread the loose end through the handle. This easy steps are a sure way of coming up with a yarn holder.

One can also go ahead and make templates, centerpieces, pincushions, and so forth. To make all this, one only needs to have a sharp knife, and then follow instructions. Otherwise, disposing of old softener containers is not fit for the environment.

PostHeaderIcon Are Paper Grocery Bags Really Eco-Friendly

Posted on: Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 at 9:38 am

There has been a raging debate by environmentalists as to whether paper grocery bags are indeed eco friendly. Well, in a bid to answer this question, let us look at a few facts. The materials from which these grocery bags are made from are trees. Trees are nature and this would probably qualify these bags as being eco-friendly but the question is what happens when they have finished their use?

They become waste and a lot of waste for that matter. This is the very reason why people are going eco-friendly, to reduce waste. The problem is these paper bags cannot be reused. Having bags made from clothe has been an option that people hope can be considered. Bags made from clothe can be reused over and over again as they can be cleaned easily and are quite light. Having paper bags only help to reduce our forest cover since that is the raw material for making the bag.

PostHeaderIcon Creative ways to reuse packing peanuts

Posted on: Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Packing peanuts can be a source of annoyance as the foam packs were of no use later.
But now it comes in eco friendly biodegradable packs.
The materials used for packing peanuts are ingredients like corn starch, wheat and other natural biodegradable products.

There are various ways to reuse packing peanuts which will help in recycling .

We can use packing peanuts of various colors and string it up in a decorative way during festivals.

Packing peanuts can be use to stuff pillow and cushions for pets.

Packing peanuts helps when it comes stuffing a costume for a Halloween, scare crow or Santa’s belly.

It also helps as light weight gravel at the base of a potted plant with the no biodegradable variety.

Packing peanuts can also be given for recycling as more recyclers are using them.

With a little effort and creativity there can be numerous use of packing peanuts.

PostHeaderIcon How to make handmade paper

Posted on: Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at 12:11 pm

The ancient Egyptians invented paper (then called papyrus),it is more of a craft which is fun to create.
To start we need…
• A piece of sponge.
• Mould and deckle (the top and the bottom screens)

• A big basin
• A blender
• Some staples
• Some liquid starch.


To start with select the types of paper and rip them into small bits. Place them in a blender .then add some warm water and rum the blender to make a smooth paste. Then we add the corn starch or gelatin for strength. Then add petals, color or spackle to decorate the paper.

To make a mould and deckle we need to stretch a fiberglass over the wooden frame and staple it on sides to secure a tight grip.

Now pour the pulp in the basin and mix well to check for lumps.Dip the mould in the pulp let it stay for some time then slowly take it out. Check the layer it should be even.
Put the deckle on top and soak the extra water with sponge.

Remove the paper from the screens and put it on news paper and let it dry and your homemade paper is ready.

PostHeaderIcon Green Hang Tag Purchases

Posted on: Monday, September 14th, 2009 at 7:28 am

Green Hang Tag, Green PackagingHang tags are used by the manufacturers as an overall packaging and branding of their products. The hang tags also let the customer know all about the brand they are purchasing. But most often these hang tags are taken out and thrown away without any further use. These hang tags use up a large amount of paper which becomes useless. Instead the brands should design the hang tags in such a way that it promotes their commitment to nature.

The color of the hang tags may be kept green with a picture of tree or leave to show that you work for the noble cause of protecting the nature.

The hang tags can also be made as business cards so that the customers don’t throw them away but keep them for future need.

Instead of using paper for making the hang tags, one can go for cloth or any natural material designed aesthetically as hang tags.

One can also mention the ways that the product will contribute to conserving nature. For example you can mention that for each product sold, a tree would be planted. This will reflect you good cause and brand commitment to nature.