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PostHeaderIcon Basics of eco friendly printing

Posted on: Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Traditionally, the printing industry has been responsible for cutting down a huge number of trees for the use of paper. Not to mention, how this industry has done its bit to contribute to the green house emissions. But now with everyone going green, how can the printing industry really shirk its responsibility? That is exactly why the industry is going green with the use of various techniques.

The first major technique being used by this industry is the use of recycled paper. BY ensuring that the paper used is recycled, there are a huge number of trees that are being saved from being cut down. Further the industry is trying to use digital printing as much as possible, which again saves on a lot of paper.

Further the use of organic ink like Soy ink is being preferred. Since the soy ink does not require any process of chemical manufacturing, you can be sure that it would save on a lot of energy. Other parts of the printing machines are also being recycled these days, saving a lot on the manufacturing process.

PostHeaderIcon Green business printing card ideas

Posted on: Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at 9:00 am

nullHave you seen custom green business printing cards being given around recently? They are turning to be fancier. There are business card templates using each color of the rainbow. Business card printing has turn out to be a lot more bright, diverse and creative.

Make use of a simple however dignified design, there are lots of business card templates from business card printing companies which are getting a little way on the top. If you are not crafting your own traditional business card, then attempt to select a simple and reputable design for your business card. Everybody might convince you to try the more expensive and fancy design, however does not essentially mean its better.

Choose a design that suits you as well as your profession.

For business persons you do not have go all creative. A business is a respectable and serious task; therefore print a business card of that image. Have your business cards to be printed in high quality paper.

PostHeaderIcon What to Consider in Green Poster Printing

Posted on: Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 10:30 am

nullGreen poster printing is the use of environmentally safe methods when printing. There are several things to consider in making posters for either business or personal use. The basic things to consider include the budget of the project, layout and design of the print work. Apart from these, you have to ensure that you choose a printer service that will preserve the environment in the most possible way. Choosing a printer service that reduces carbon foot printing can be an effective move.

It is the responsibility of everybody to preserve the environment in all possible ways. The use of green poster printing is one great way that people can use to protect the environment. Materials used in processing poster prints should also be considered to ensure that there is less damage to the environment. Using an online writer that presents commercial green printing facilitates people to create environmentally friendly high quality posters.

PostHeaderIcon Advantages of Green Printing

Posted on: Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 11:32 am

Green Printing, Eco BusinessMany ways have been put into place to ensure that the environment is preserved. The use of eco friendly methods and facilities is encouraged. One of these eco-friendly methods is the use of green printing. It is an excellent strategy to reduce carbon footprint on the earth. Many benefits of green printing are:

Eco-friendly Inks

The use of green printing methods employs the use of vegetable-based oils than the traditional printing that utilizes petroleum based ones. The use of green inks makes an easier and healthier method of disposing the inks without harming the environment.

Green Paper

This type of paper is not treated by use of chlorine and is 100% recyclable. This helps preserve our forests.

Clean Power

Since all the printing facilities require power to run, the green printing facilities considers the environment when searching for a power source. This allows others to invest in renewable energy methods reducing impact on the environment.