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PostHeaderIcon All about eco friendly building material

Posted on: Saturday, January 29th, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Are you planning to renovate your home? Why not try out the eco-friendly building materials which are stylish, durable and a way of creating a safe ambience for all. It enhances the energy efficiency too. Check out the paragraph below for some suggestion.

It is best to use natural products like timber, bricks and rocks in various parts of your house. Woods are good for hardwood flooring and making furniture. They are strong and would last for years if maintained well. Rocks are in important material for walls and foundations. Then there is cob (a substance made up of earth, clay, straw, sand and water) for building alcoves, window seats. Recycled metals like aluminum or brass, copper is also eco friendly and they can be used for roofing or making tiles. Roofing by slate and fiber-cement are other options. Yurts or canvas houses are also eco-friendly.

Colors free of the VOCs i.e. the volatile organic compounds are to be used as they do not emit toxic substances.

PostHeaderIcon Green building materials for your house

Posted on: Sunday, October 31st, 2010 at 3:31 am

Do you realize that the materials you use to design the interiors of your house can pose threats to the environment of our world? Why risk the future of your children if you can easily avoid that by using Green materials while building your house?

A report suggests that the normal paints we use these days emit toxic substances once they dry up on your walls. These toxic substances over a period of time will cause diseases to you which might pose life threatening dangers. So, always prefer eco-friendly paints which are trusted and are made of harmless substances.

Normal Wallpapers are made with ink that contains high amount of chlorine and could possibly cause harm to you. So you could use chlorine free wallpapers which are made from sugarcane junk and are totally free of harm.

Although these eco-friendly things might cost you a little bit more than the conventional things, they are friendly to us and the earth. So there is no harm in spending extra money for the well being of our planet.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green Kitchen Remodels

Posted on: Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Kitchens can be an excellent medium for individuals who look to go green remodels. Kitchen is a very private place and to go for a green remodeling of the whole set up can be a good option to start with for those who are looking for greener home.

Going green but settling for low quality stuffs, or sacrificing styles and looks, and the comfort level of the product can be criminal. This compromise can turn out to be counter productive and can actually back fire. Always select the right option and stay safe. Here are some points you can look forward to.

• Install adequate and proper insulation. Insulation balances indoor temperatures thus making for a more comfortable kitchen.
• Green flooring is best possible option. Bamboo, recycled content ceramic tile, cork, stone flooring tile, and other hard wood stuffs are the best products for flooring.
• Custom cabinetry is the best option. There can be no substitute to “made-to-order” stuffs. In this world of fashionable cabinets nothing in the world can beat the class and quality of the custom cabinetry.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green Basement Remodels

Posted on: Monday, September 27th, 2010 at 9:00 am

If truth be told there is no perfect cost related to the green remodel. A green basement remodel happens to be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add to the efforts of reducing green house emission.

Working on basement remodel can be tricky and cumbersome given the paucity of space and high degree of moisture hazards. It is also a challenge to meet the desired challenges related to the ductwork and the plumbing work. Now, adding to the whole difficulty is the demand to meet the high green remodel standard and energy efficiency.
If truth be said then actual cost needed to remodel basements can never be reached. It actually depends on the amount of efficiency the homeowner desires. But choosing to go green with the basement remodel can be a costly proposition all right. Green remodel ser up guarantees a substantive reduce of your utility and energy costs, though you may have to make large investment to start with.

PostHeaderIcon Comprehensive Green Remodeling: Less Known Facts

Posted on: Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 at 9:00 am

Green has successfully become a rage and is now a cultural phenomenon. Everyday you see or hear a media house campaigning fiercely for the green movement. Anyone who is well versed with the on going scenario will know that energy saver bulbs, tubes, heater, paints and many other agents are in the top running for efficient green movement. Having said that there are other ways and means which if imposed can also help in the green campaign.

The most common cry form environmental activist is to save trees. Now, it is a little known fact that the trees like sub tropical rain forests and redwood can actually help you in a major way. The woods from these trees are effective and efficient in saving energy and hence it is advisable to use them instead of going for any random selection. While remodeling always look to select shops, for purchase, near to your home because that will help reduce transportation cost and cause waste of energy efficiency.

PostHeaderIcon A Homeowner’s Guide to Green Tax Credits

Posted on: Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 9:00 am

Make the right move and act as a responsible citizen would. Throe away all appliances which emit green house gas and make the process of attaining a safe and sound environment a reality. One such way to do it is by going green and it can actually help in a big way in achieving a clear and healthy environment. And you will be doing a great favour not only to yourself but to the coming generation as well.

For those who are still in the darkness regarding the utility of a proper green process allow me to say that going green has a win-win proposition. It has a two fold utility. While on one hand you can work to save the environment and the on the other hand you can also help yourself by reducing the cost.

Green campaign is extremely vital and should be embraced by all and sundry. It may help you to reduce your bill amount in a large way.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green: Boilers and Radiator Heating Systems

Posted on: Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Boiler and radiator heating systems are efficient machines or appliances when it comes to greening the environment. The appliances are long in vogue and are becoming popular with each passing day.

Boilers and radiators are big positive addition to the green campaign. Nevertheless, boiler or radiator heating system helps in reducing your home bills and heating costs and improving your home’s energy efficiency. Well, if these are the facts that you are interested in then do read on for further info to going green with the choice of boilers and radiators.

With installing a boilers and radiators you can expect to improve your housing system. Going green can helps in a major way. If you can make that initial expenditure upfront, you are sure to enjoy a happy and safe future. An efficient green process helps to significantly reduce home energy costs for future. If you ever estimate the amount you spend on the bills of home appliances you will be surprised to see the amount getting reduced by a huge margin once you adopt the green process.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green: Bathroom Remodels

Posted on: Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Well, with the effect of green house emission rising every second, we as the responsible citizen of this world must make every possible move to make our planet a safe and sound place to live in. there are many ways in which we can contribute, but to start with it is necessary to begin from home.

Let’s take the example of your bathroom, a place which is used by you regularly. Now, making your bathroom green can be the best way to start your campaign to promote greening. The process can be bit expensive but comparing it with the utility it serves you can well afford to spend that extra buck.
1. Install low flow shower head and faucets: it help to save wastage of water by a huge margin.
2. Go for light paints because that will reflect light and not absorb it. Absorbing light can make the room heated up.
3. Remove old inefficient heater with the new one which is efficient and improved model.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green with Brick or Stone Siding

Posted on: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 9:00 am

The major role of any green home is to be responsible, healthy, energy efficient and durable. In any such attempt to greening your home a sliding roof or wall is important. So if you are planning to green your sliding installation, then you can look to the following points for help and encouragements.

Brick or stone siding is highly preferred and ranks at the top and offers some suitable solutions, pertaining to greening of sliding walls/roofs, that you can opt for. Why is this whole process so important? Well, going green has a two fold advantage. It improves energy efficiency through use of bricks and stones and, because of its high quality, has a long term effect. There is no better sliding alternative than a brick or stone. Compared to other composite siding agents like vinyl (which fails in all possible criterion mentioned above) or other natural agents like the wood siding (which harms the environment in more ways than protecting it, like deforestation) brick and stone siding scores far ahead of others and qualifies as a better choice.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing Green Windows

Posted on: Monday, September 13th, 2010 at 9:00 am

With global warming becoming a serious issue it is important for the entire citizen around the world to wake up to the call and contribute in some way or the other towards the cause of the environment. One of the popular way to reducing the pollution is by going green.

Well, as all charity begins at home, you too can do your bit in the bid to make the world a safe place to live in. You can make few necessary adjustments in order to make your home free from heat. A good window or a door is important. If you are still using the old single paned window it is time to change as it heats up your rooms by 50% and account to a major percent of heat loss in winter. So the best draw would be to go for multi paned windows properly installed, as lot depends on proper installation.