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PostHeaderIcon Green advantages of ceramic paints

Posted on: Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at 4:33 pm

ceramic paints, eco paintsIf you are looking for a paint makeover of your home, then you can consider going for the ceramic paint. The ceramic paint can be either bought as a paint itself or it can also be bought as additive and mixed with regular paint. There are many advantages of ceramic like its thickness, maintenance and heat dissipation. Moreover it is also considered as an environmentally green paint.

The most amazing advantage of the ceramic paint is its ability to prevent and reduce the conductive heat entering your room. Thus your room remains comfortable and cool always.
While you will many difficulties cleaning regular paint, cleaning a ceramic paint is not a very difficult thing. You can simply take a soapy solution and clean it with a soft wiper or cloth.
Moreover the ceramic paints contain no Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC. So there is no dissipation of harmful organic compounds in your home. So it keeps your home healthy and fit for residing.

PostHeaderIcon What is Eco-smart Renovation?

Posted on: Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 1:23 pm

 Eco-smart Renovation, renovationToday environment protection is the main consideration for any construction or renovation project that is carried out in any part of the world. With this in mind, people tend to adopt Eco-smart renovations for their homes or offices.

Eco-smart Renovation means using of processes and materials which help achieve high energy efficiency and do not have a negative impact on our environment. This kind of renovation was the product of excessive planning and research in the field of methods and materials which are not going to have harmful effects on mother earth.

This renovation encourages people to use solar power, environmentally-friendly flooring, furniture made out of recycled or reused materials etc. These modifications to your home or office will decrease your energy bills, improve the air quality, and minimize wastage of energy or water.

With issues like global warming and climate change continuously harming the world, to renovate your home or office the green way is the best option you have.

PostHeaderIcon Eco Friendly Floor Cleaning Service

Posted on: Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Eco Friendly Floor Cleaning, floor maintenanceThere are several floor cleaning services for houses and apartments these days. You can check online to find a good floor cleaning service for your home in your area. Make sure that the company is a legitimate one and has good customer support and good service history. You should contact more than one company to compare quality of service and pricings so that you can choose the one which suits your requirements the best. You can opt for daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning packages.

You can even get these services for your hotel, inn or motel if you want. Using eco friendly cleaning materials is the best way to avoid allergies, medical complications and breathing problems and rashes. Also if you sue eco friendly cleaning solutions then you can reduce your carbon footprint. Many companies deal with eco friendly service cleaning where they use green equipment and solutions for floor cleaning. You can also buy your own and save money on the cleaning services.

PostHeaderIcon Eco friendly home cleaning tips

Posted on: Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 10:57 am

Eco friendly home cleaning, home cleaningWith the whole world following a go-green policy it is time that you start using eco friendly cleaning products to add to that cause. Now there are various ways how you can do that. First and foremost if you have a blocked sink or drain then instead of using poisonous chemicals you can use vinegar and salt along with hot water to remove them.

The byproduct of the poisonous chemicals will not be drained further into the water and as a result the water will not be contaminated. For your bedroom you can use cinnamon stick with some water to give a nice smell instead of using room sprays. Room sprays are made of chemicals which can be harmful because it may cause breathing problems to many. For washing your windows you can use lemon juice and 5 table spoons of vinegar. It is more effective and eco friendly too.

PostHeaderIcon Growing vegetable at home

Posted on: Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Tips to grow vegetables, grow vegetables at homeDo you want to know about the procedure of growing vegetables in your home backyard? Well then read this article carefully and get some easy ideas. Radish is the easiest vegetable that you can grow at your home and it takes only four to five weeks for it to get totally matured, harvesting seeds is easy for radishes and you can have regular and continuous production.

Like radish, carrots are also easy to grow, so are cucumbers and squashes. Container garden is the best method of growing vegetables at home and for that you can very easily make the soil and in the container sunlight can easily pass through and keep your vegetables always fresh and juicy. Tomatoes, strawberry are also good choices as vegetables that you can grow at home. Sharing whatever you harvest is a noble decision so you can give away those vegetables in your neighborhood and society also.

PostHeaderIcon Go green with special laundry techniques

Posted on: Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at 9:50 am

Special laundry techniques, laundryYou may think that doing your laundry is like just another regular household work but you should know that almost eighty percent of the lifecycle of the clothes depend on the techniques of dying and washing them. Therefore, you should go for techniques that would help you to save your energy as well as the use of excess water. In average households, almost 135000 gallons of water is used up every year for laundry of 400 loads. By doing the laundry with energy efficient techniques, you can reduce the use of water to 6500 gallons in a year.

You will be able to save as much as 7000 gallons of water, which, for your information can be used for filling up as many as three swimming pools in your backyard or serve as a source of drinking water for a lifetime for as much as six people. Therefore, it is important that you switch to eco friendly techniques of laundry.

PostHeaderIcon Basic step to start a green living in your day to day life

Posted on: Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 11:33 am

Protecting the environment and conserving non-renewable sources of energy has become an important issue in every human being’s life. We need to change our lifestyle into a much greener way to save the Earth. We should start off with the basics at least and then try to bring about much more relevant changes. Grow plants and trees in your surroundings and backyard. People should take care of the environment around them.

Stop using appliances which use non-renewable sources of energy and try replacing them with the ones that use solar energy. Nowadays you can easily get appliances and devices which work with solar power. Though these may be a bit expensive, but nothing compared to the importance of going green at present. Conserve drinking water and electricity in your day-to-day life. Keep your environment clean and restrict yourself from using items which cannot be recycled; things like plastic bags should be avoided.


PostHeaderIcon Employ Zero waste at office to increase your business sustainability

Posted on: Sunday, April 10th, 2011 at 6:11 am

Going green is the order of the day and hence each of us should try for zero waste or recycling in the office to enhance the business sustainability in an eco-friendly ambience.
The office wastes from food packaging, wasted paper, unwanted plastics and vacant ink cartridges create a high degree of CO2 that is hazardous for our environment. Here are some tips to help you in getting zero waste from your establishment.

Get the recycling baskets for different corners so that the staffs can properly dispose the waste materials for further use. Re-use the wasted items like used papers. If one side of your paper is wrongly printed, just use the other side of it to jot down some notes.

Make a point to switch off the lights and monitors every time you are out of your apartment. It helps a lot to save energy wastage. Always refill the ink cartridges rather than just throwing it away. Take it to the expert re-fillers.

PostHeaderIcon Walk more and ride less: keep the planet greener

Posted on: Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 6:09 am

Global warming has become an alarming problem these days which is bothering people all over the globe. So, if you sincerely want to contribute in its depletion to make the planet greener then make walking a part of your daily routine.

The gasoline cars are one of the major causes of environment pollution. The harmful toxic gases like CO, SO2 or CO2, emitted from these vehicles has created a hole in the ozone layer causing global warming. And our over dependency on them will only abet the problem.

So, try out the environment friendly transportations. Extended use of cycles would definitely help. But walking might be a better option, especially if you are planning to reach shorter distances. Be a little calculative while going out. Walking may take more time than your usual journeys yet will reap benefits in the long run. More walking means less use of gasoline cars and leading to lesser emission of harmful gases. Besides, it also helps to stay fit and healthy.

PostHeaderIcon How to throw a green party

Posted on: Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 2:17 pm

It is very important that we do our bit to help out the environment. Most of the big organization and corporate companies are going green. To go green simply means to be a little conscious of what is affecting the environment and try out ways to stop that. Everyone should do their bit to ensure that they are saving the earth. In case you are planning to throw a party, instead of doing it the way that everyone else does, why don’t you throw a green party. But how can you do that? Well, it is quite simple.

First of all instead of sending out paper invites, send electronic cards. That would save a number of trees from being cut down. Forget about those decorations which involve paper. Say an absolute and firm no to disposable decorations. You could use plants and flowers to decorate the room instead. You should totally stay away from paper plates and plastic cups. Use steelware or silverware instead. In case this is not a children’s party, you can try out the china. There are many ways to go green. You just would have to use your creativity.