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PostHeaderIcon 5 Green Home Improvements You Can Take to the Bank

Posted on: Thursday, September 9th, 2010 at 8:56 am

With the cry to protect the environment hitting the headline on a regular basis, it is important that you too play a part in saving the environment from degrading.

There are numerous ways in which you can play a key role to save our environment. Here are 5 such ways you can play a part in saving the planet from global warming.

1. If you still have a single pane glass window then it is time to change. There are modern energy efficient windows that can help you in saving the energy of your house up-to 50%. Use multiple paned windows and always look to install it correctly.
2. Installing an efficient heating system is also crucial in the bid to save the environment.
3. Go for an efficient air conditioner. Use the ones which consume less energy and in the process pinches less hard on your wallet.
4. Kitchen appliances are the key. They often use a lot of energy. It is necessary to make them energy efficient.
5. Insulating is important. Energy efficient window pane, heating system, air conditioner or kitchen appliances are important agents of power/energy consumption. So right and efficient kind should be chosen to make the world a safe and beautiful place, moreover to it can help you relieve your budget by a long way.

PostHeaderIcon Adopting a holistic approach to greening IT

Posted on: Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 9:00 am

IT companies are flushed with computers; major generators of e-waste. You will thus find it hard to green IT. However, with the assemblage of Green Grid by eminent software companies like AMD, INTEL and DELL, you have the option to store massive data along with energy conservation.

You need to take a holistic approach towards green IT. Firstly, use green computers or computers made of recycled materials. There will be lesser toxins in them. Dispose your computers when they are out of place and efficiency. Invest in ergonomic and green furniture.

Use solar panels for energy and power in small details. This will save you some energy. Apply other energy efficient parameters like switching off mechanisms when not in function, having a garden outside and placing a few plants in-house.

Just make sure that algorithmic efficiency of your system is not harmed. Since lots of people work in IT firms, being energy efficient becomes rather imperative.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home Based Businesses

Posted on: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 9:00 am

There are plenty of green businesses you can run from home. This may require a little input but will be a boon for your conscience.

You can start off by becoming a green event planner. Now, there is continued demand for green weddings and parties and you will have to organize for décor, food and a few other things. You can also become a eco-consultant and advise people on steps they may take to spurt up their energy resources. Energy efficiency consultant is another vocation in this stream.

You can start off a fertilizer packing business from your home, or at most, garden. You can also construct a greenhouse and sell your produce from there. This is a time taking business however.

If Internet savvy, you can start a green Internet store. You will have to install a delivery and billing system and work through merchant accounts. These businesses keep you fresh and energetic.

PostHeaderIcon Making Recycled Sweaters

Posted on: Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Most people have at least one sweater that they do not use, and which they haven’t worn for the past several years. But these sweaters can be recycled, and used to make other items. Wool used to make sweaters is easy to craft since the fibers are held together strongly. The best sweaters for recycling are those that may have an 80% wool concentration, and they do not fray easily. Sweaters that are 100 5 felted can be made using sewing machines or a hand stitch.

The sweater can be recycled to make leg warmers for instance. Others can be made to cover their hands during the cold season, and such covers may just cover the wrists only, or extend to the arms. One thing worth noting about these sweaters is that much as they may be unused and dormant for long, their fibers are strong, and can last longer. By recycling them, and making items that are usable, one is preventing a scenario where some people throw them away.

PostHeaderIcon Eco- Friendly Shopping Tips

Posted on: Monday, May 24th, 2010 at 9:43 am

The climate talks held in Copenhagen shed a lot of light on the need to preserve the environment since most animals are becoming endangered species because the environment ha s become a hazard to them. Human beings sadly are next o this list of endangered species if they neglect the environment. Due to this, most people are doing things the eco-friendly way.

Take shopping for instance, there are many eco- friendly ways that a person can employ when shopping. Before embarking on your shopping spree, do some online shopping to know exactly what you want and where to get it from. This helps to reduce overcrowding in malls, supermarkets and other areas where one can get these products.

Next, when picking out the goods you want, it is important to go for the eco- friendly ones. To aid in this, you can go through the ingredients of the various products and identify the safest ones.Lastly, when you are done with your shopping, insist that you are given a re-usable bag to pack your goods in rather than the paper or plastic bag.

PostHeaderIcon Residential Solar Power-Green Energy Idea

Posted on: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 at 4:05 am


Using solar panels is a great way to generate clean and renewable electricity.
A home solar power kit can be purchased and installed by most people. No specialized technical knowledge is required and they are fairly inexpensive. In fact you can spend less than six hundred dollars on certain kits which will power many items in your house such as a laptop, one light bulb, and a 19? television for more than twenty hours, and many other small appliances.
Home solar power kits are also very useful in the event of a power outage. If the power fails your kit will have stored enough electricity in its batteries to give you light, heat, and hot water, and many other modern conveniences until the lights go back on. The amount of electricity available to you will depend greatly on the storage capacity of your batteries. If everyone in the country were willing to run just one appliance using a home generator the savings would be enormous.

PostHeaderIcon Benefits of a DO-it-Yourself Solar Water Heater

Posted on: Sunday, April 4th, 2010 at 6:15 am


Do-it-yourself solar water heater remains an excellent venture to try out. The easiest among DIY solar water heaters are batch water heaters. The batch water heater utilizes a water tank that is positioned where it’ll heat the power utilizing the sun’s energy. This is then connected to your house’s plumbing system.

Paint the water tank black. Because black absorbs lights, this aids the tank to absorb as much heat as possible. Several DIY solar water heaters integrate portable mirrors located smartly around the water tank. The sun’s rays then hit these mirrors and are reflected onto the system, increasing the surface area that will be heated.

However, if you reside in cold climates the batch water heater may not be a great choice for you. Use a closed loop system instead. The fantastic thing about this kind of system is that they will reduce your electricity cost and decrease your carbon footprint so they are great for the environment.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home Renovation

Posted on: Sunday, February 14th, 2010 at 9:00 am


Green home renovation requires a lot of thinking and effective use of material. It is not necessary that you need to renovate your entire home yourself! There are professionals who will do that properly and effectively. What are the things that you need to consider during the whole process?

• While green home renovation, make sure you abstain from lead based paints and use low VOC paints.
• Make use of green materials like wood. If the Forest Stewardship Council certifies it, it is safe.
• Use construction items made form recycled goods like plastic, wood etc.
• Besides using eco friendly material while renovating, stress on installing skylights for letting in natural sunlight.
• Use solar energy to heat water and outdoor pool. This also reduces your electricity bills.
• Incorporate natural insulation in your home, this is energy efficient.

Green home renovation not only requires eco-friendly products, but also an attitude to say yes to the power of ‘green’.

PostHeaderIcon Green Energy Mutual Funds

Posted on: Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 10:18 am

Green Energy Mutual FundsAs the consumption of energy is continuously increasing and there are several companies which are looking for cleaner ways for producing power. It is a sure thing that these companies will definitely become profitable very soon and that is why, they are gathering lot of attention from the investors for investing in green energy mutual funds. These are the investments that pool money from different people together, which is then used for numerous companies in the green energy field.

If you invest in green energy mutual funds, you will earn a lot of profit while supporting the companies which are working for providing cleaner power forms, reducing pollution and lowering human dependence upon foreign oil. While making your investments in green energy mutual funds, you need to read the prospectus carefully to make sure that the aims of the funds manager are at par with your personal aims. At present, the investment firms offering green energy mutual funds are not many but this number is growing very quickly, keeping in view the increasing demand among the consumers.