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PostHeaderIcon Benefits of Green Web Hosting

Posted on: Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 11:56 am

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Green Web Hosting for companies

Green web hosting is a newer concept in the market of web. I know it sounds good on paper, but let’s face the fact, we all want to do our part for saving the environment for our grandchildren and children. And we know that hosting might be environmental damaging, the concept of green web hosting simply helps in making a good sense in it. But what are the real benefits of using green web hosting? How to make the use of it? It is been said that a normal web server produces approximately 2 to 3 tons of carbon dioxide in a year as compared to a car. But it depends upon the websites that are live on the servers. In short, green web hosting means he web hosting that maximizes the resources and the power of usage on the servers.



Green web hosting benefits:

  • Green web hosting is helpful in changing the environmental impact. It is among the most obvious benefits of accepting an eco-friendly web hosting for your use. When you’re using green web hosting, it means you’re using a part of technology for the purpose of saving environment.
  • When you actually realize that the net effect of the running servers are all the effects that is equal to five to six nuclear plants, the reality of the damage done by the internet is much more than your expectations.
  • Remember one thing that in order to keep your website working on continuously, your server should be active 24/7. This means that somewhere down the line, a computer is constantly running for keeping your website active.
  • Whereas green web hosting is helpful in working by ensuring that somewhere or other the energy consumption might be consumed from any renewable resource that can be used again and is in the benefits of the environment.
  • Green web hosting also helps in offering a slightly tangible change too to your company or organization. By adding eco-friendly credential to the name of your company, it helps in improving your public image too. Today the concept of working with eco-friendly companies has increases a lot. And when you can easily with proud state that you’re using green technology for functioning your websites, it helps in improving your reputation in the eyes of the world.
  • Time for some marketing resources too. The trend for accepting and going green has increased a lot. So selecting green web hosting for your organization help in increasing your market resource. You can easily publicize the fact that your company is working by following the concept of green technology.
  • If a company is able to explain in detail that how they are performing for the environment and in its benefits, by using a web host that supplies power to the servers by using the solar energy, Will help in gaining the trust of the customers. It will increase the reputation of your organization.
  • If you want to notice a rise in your business revenue, it’s advisable of taking green web hosting into your business for attaining higher amount of business revenue.

PostHeaderIcon DIY tips to build a wind turbine

Posted on: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 11:41 am

Are you planning to build up a wind turbine yourself? It is indeed a good idea and if you really do so it is a good attempt to reduce or electric bills. Building a wind turbine is an easy job with some concentration.

The first thing to do is to buy a good guide that will teach you step by step how to set up a turbine.

Basic part of turbine is the blades, body and the tower of the turbine. Blades can be made up of PVC pipes and pulley can be used for making hubs. Then attach these blades to the body of the turbine and motor. Old towers of your television can be used as a tower for your turbine.

Follow the steps of your guide thoroughly during attaching the blades to the motor and tower because it is the most crucial part of your turbine.

You can easily build a wind turbine with few hundred dollars. And can easily save your electric bill too.

PostHeaderIcon Saving energy using Green Computing

Posted on: Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 8:03 am

The term “green computing” can be defined as conserving energy which otherwise gets wasted due to improper and unnecessary use of the computers. Computer, the most used gizmo in today’s digital world, leads to excessive energy consumption putting tremendous negative pressure on the surroundings. And since we cannot stop using this, we have to cut down on its unnecessary usage to protect our environment.

Many a times our computers are kept on and running needlessly. Hence, the first step towards green computing would be to fix a certain time slot for the machine usage. Try to mug up your mechanical and online operations within the fixed slot. Always make sure to switch it off when not in use.

Try to bypass the screensavers as they waste a lot of energy. Do not forget to switch off the server or monitor in weekends or nights. It’s good if you can use a laptop rather than a desktop as the first one by design is a much better user of the electricity.

PostHeaderIcon Go for green kitchen appliances

Posted on: Sunday, December 26th, 2010 at 2:47 pm

If you are an environment friendly person, then as we have heard the popular saying – charity begins at home, or rather it begins in your kitchen. If you want to have a greener environment, then start with your kitchen because it is the place which consumes the maximum energy.

Always buy utensils which can last long and are Teflon protected. They should have high energy ratings. Make sure you buy the right size of the utensils. It not only saves energy but also space and money. You can even save energy by using a dishwasher. There is no need to rinse the utensils anymore and dishwashers use lesser water as compared to when washed by hand. 

The concept of pre-heating is also obsolete these days. There are ovens available in the market that heat up immediately thus saving a lot of energy and time. Always remember to switch off all the appliances after use. These appliances help you save 10- 20% of your total electricity bill.

PostHeaderIcon All about sustainable green technology

Posted on: Monday, November 15th, 2010 at 6:46 pm

A common word which is much in vogue off late is sustainable green energy. With more and more people being aware and conscious about the adverse effects of pollution, entrepreneurs are developing an inclination towards sustainable technology.

Basically, eco-friendly in nature, sustainable technology is a step towards a greener and much healthier planet. Two major characterises which personifies sustainable technology is something which does not pollute the environment is any way possible and does not degrade the environment as we know it.  For instance, any technology that replaces the usage of any non-renewable source of energy such as fossil fuel by a renewable source of power is a sustainable technology.

Since, this way you can prevent the depletion on the environment, and preserve it in its original form, it is eco-friendly too. Some very good example of sustainable technology is solar power, wind power and magnetic power. Hence, switch to a much more eco friendly alternative and save the planet breathe from the adverse consequences of global warming and environment depletion.

PostHeaderIcon Eco-friendly modes of communication

Posted on: Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 12:43 pm

These days we are all aware of how we have taken the planet towards destruction. In fact if we do not take drastic steps soon the environment would get totally destroyed for the coming generations. That is why each and every sector of the society is making their efforts to go green. This is particularly true for those sectors which are have been taken ahead by science and technology so much that they in one way or the other end up hampering the environment. The communication and technology is one such industry. That is why there is a growing pressure in this sector to go green. However there are quite a number of eco friendly modes of communication that this industry now offers.

It is therefore up to you to choose these eco friendly modes of communication. That is why you need to be aware of what these options are to make the right choice.

There are a number of telephones and mobile phones that are out which are running on solar power. There are other phones which are being made of recycled plastic. It is a good choice to get these phones which are eco-friendly. Do your bit for the environment.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home with DIY Solar Panels

Posted on: Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 9:00 am

You may save money and still save lots of energy if you install solar panels. These include solar cells; 36 or 108 in number (according to your need) and generate .5 volts each. Thus you get good enough power through solar energy.

If you want to DIY your solar panel for a green home, you need to first get quality solar cells. These are best acquired through eBay auctions. Then create a wooden container for holding solar cells. Use pegboards for attachments and silicone material for caulking and wiring.

For wiring attachments, you will need some glue and appropriate knowledge. Set these cells in right manner so that they connect with each other to produce volts. You should use plex glass for covering the completed panel. You may test in direct view of the sun and check whether the panel is producing desired results. Solar panels will not bear you down with costs.

PostHeaderIcon Eco- Friendly Phones

Posted on: Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 at 9:35 am

Everything today is turning eco-friendly in order to protect the environment which has now become a great threat to mankind with the increased rate of global warming. Phones have also been included in this. Today, more than half of the world’s population own phones. Phones have waves that may end up being harmful to people, therefore, in a bid to avoid this, manufacturers have come up with eco friendly phones for their customers.

First, the phone is made from recyclable plastic material and to top it all up, manuals can now be accessed online avoiding the use of paper. Phone companies are out to ensure that people preserve the environment and to this effect, they are encouraging people to collect their phones so that they can be recycled.

Charging systems for eco-friendly phones have also been changed to solar systems. Most of them are now solar powered, meaning that they utilize the energy produced by the sun.

PostHeaderIcon An Effective Eco-Friendly Way to Protect Your Vehicle From Rust

Posted on: Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at 9:32 am

A car is one of man’s most priced possessions and he would go to any length just to protect it. There are many things that a car should be protected from. These may be car jacks or even environmental effects like rust. Installing an alarm system can help get rid of car jacks and as for the rust, more intense measures have to be put in place. Rust can be enhanced by the presence of oxygen and moisture which are readily found in snow, ice and the atmosphere in general.

There different kinds of products on the market that can help one achieve that rust free look for their car. Products like Noxudol and defender plus that are quite good. The latest trend however is the use of electrons. Anti-rust electronic tool mainly works to slow down corrosion. In order to do so, it is connected to the body of the vehicle where electrons move about freely to protect the car from any form of corrosion.

PostHeaderIcon Residential Solar Power-Green Energy Idea

Posted on: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 at 4:05 am


Using solar panels is a great way to generate clean and renewable electricity.
A home solar power kit can be purchased and installed by most people. No specialized technical knowledge is required and they are fairly inexpensive. In fact you can spend less than six hundred dollars on certain kits which will power many items in your house such as a laptop, one light bulb, and a 19? television for more than twenty hours, and many other small appliances.
Home solar power kits are also very useful in the event of a power outage. If the power fails your kit will have stored enough electricity in its batteries to give you light, heat, and hot water, and many other modern conveniences until the lights go back on. The amount of electricity available to you will depend greatly on the storage capacity of your batteries. If everyone in the country were willing to run just one appliance using a home generator the savings would be enormous.