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PostHeaderIcon An Overview On Pollution Liability Insurance

Posted on: Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Pollution Liability InsuranceEarlier, business insurance policies used to cover any claim that used to arise due to pollution. But after the asbestos litigation (1970s), pollution liability insurance was offered separately. Also known as gap insurance, this policy provides protection to the contractors and businesses against any pollution risks which might be related to the different types of industrial operations and constructions works. If you make use of the pollution liability insurance policy then you are protected in the following ways: First, when you suffer any loss due to the pollution caused on some other person’s property and second, when pollution is caused on your own property.

This insurance policy is very useful for small businesses such as hair salons and dry cleaners. Service shops like automobile repair shops, electronic shops etc also find the pollution liability coverage very handy. Home building and commercial building contractors take full advantage of this particular insurance policy. All the above mentioned professions most of the time involve activities that lead to different kinds of pollution. Therefore pollution liability insurance provides necessary protection to them.
The main objective of this policy is to offer coverage for any injuries, damages, cleanup works and procedures, repairs etc caused by any kind of pollution. Along with these, it provides cover for worker’s compensation, legal costs, medical costs, mold damage, gradual and sudden conditions of pollution, claim investigation costs and so on.

Pollution liability insurance policies have gained a lot of importance today because people have become aware of the harmful effects of pollution and know that the cleanup costs are also very expensive these days. Thus more and more contractors and businesses are being forced to utilize this insurance policy so that the extra baggage of additional cleanup costs and claims can be avoided conveniently without threatening the survival of their businesses.

PostHeaderIcon Must know auto insurance FAQs

Posted on: Saturday, December 19th, 2009 at 4:03 am

Everybody knows that insuring one’s automobile is a wise decision and yet there are many things that we don’t know about regarding auto insurance. There are many FAQs related to auto insurance and it would be worth the effort to take a look at them before you decide to purchase insurance for your automobile.

nullOne of the prominent auto insurance faq is whether or not auto insurance is required if the driver has learner’s permit. The answer is “yes”. Learner’s permit is also a sort of driver’s license and therefore you need to have an insured automobile. However, insurance in your name is not mandatory; you can also be covered under your parent’s automobile insurance.

Some people are doubtful about whether or not they are covered under the insurance policy of their family or relatives. Well, this is a tricky one. If you are a relative who stays out of town and does not use the automobile on a regular basis then yes, you would be covered under normal circumstances. However, if you are a family member and reside in town then the scenario would change. In that case you would have to be a listed driver in the insurance policy of you family member.

A lot of insurance applicants often complain about the irritatingly probing nature of the insurance agents. And that they often get on your nerve with questions that you know are none of their business. But you see, like it or not, you must answer all of their questions pertaining to the members of the household. It is the duty of the agents to extract all the information they can in order to be able to understand your case better. In case you decide to hide facts from them, the loss is yours. On discovery of this your insurance might get cancelled or not be renewed at expiry. Moreover in case of false or incomplete information the insurance company might refrain from covering damages.

Everyone knows that the insurance company covers against automobile damages but what exactly should one do after an accident? Well, the first thing which needs to be done is to notify the police. The next thing to be done is to give the other driver(s) your name and contact information and to extract the same from him (them) as well. After this you must immediately inform your auto insurance company or agent about the accident.

Your auto insurance company will surely answer all your queries before you purchase the policy. Go ahead and get insured and don’t worry!