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PostHeaderIcon Bio gas: a new entrance in list of fuel

Posted on: Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 at 9:36 am

Bio gas has developed to be one of the great alternatives to fuels. Bio gas fuels have been selling commercially in the markets. Biogas fuel is a renewable source of energy extorted from organic wasted materials, mainly cow dung. One of the best reasons to use Biogas fuel is its inexpensiveness as compared to petrol or other fossil fuels.

Biogas is at its best when it is used at home for lighting, cooking food, heating and absorbing refrigeration. Biogas is best used at home for cooking, heating, light and absorption refrigeration. It is also possible to use it to run pumps that are energized by powered engines.

Some of the major benefits of Biogas fuel include saving money, easier to control, faster to produce, its devoid of any foul smell, the remains can be used as a fertilizer, it reduces pollution and last but not the least it brings out no harmful carbon gas. So therefore Biogas can be deemed as a valuable alternative source of fuel.

PostHeaderIcon What is miracle fuel?

Posted on: Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at 10:18 am

nullMiracle fuel is basically the Natural fuel and is a green fuel, which is clean form of fuel alternative to fossil fuels, which will reduce the consumption of gasoline products and also descend the rate of global warming occurring on Earth. Apart from being environmental friendly, miracle fuel will also tend to eliminate toxic materials from soil and ground water.

The increasing costs of gasoline products have made people to realize that it will be no longer possible for every person to afford the products running completely on gasoline products. It will be entirely a big disadvantage for adopting exclusively the gasoline products and also, it will not be possible for most of the people to afford it. PEFI (Power Ecalene Fuels, Inc) improved their processing methods and strategies to make their own patents and is concurrently working on bringing its miracle fuel to market and make the people aware about its advantages.

PostHeaderIcon Act Green: Sheriff, Er, Secretary Salazar in Rolling Stone

Posted on: Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 11:34 am

Last week, Rolling Stone published an article, “Obama’s Sheriff,” about our new Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, because government affairs are sometimes the most juicy public interest stories out there.

Interior Secretary Salazar is shaking things up by putting an end to the shenanigans that took place in the Department of the Interior under the Bush Administration. We’re not just talking about the “coke-and-sex-crazed atmosphere” of the Mineral Management Service (remember this absurd real life scandal that broke last September?).

Other shady business in the Department of the Interior has cost taxpayers billions of dollars. The Mineral Management Service essentially stopped collecting royalties from oil and gas companies when Bush took office. When the government leases out government land to energy firms, these companies are supposed to return a portion of the profits from oil and gas to taxpayers. In the last eight years, audits of the oil companies fell by the wayside and collections drastically decreased. Additionally, “the Bush administration fought to let oil companies keep the money, and a judge appointed by Bush recently overturned royalty collections on 75 percent of all oil produced in the Gulf. Should the ruling stand, taxpayers will forfeit as much as $53 billion owed by Big Oil.”

Check out the article to read more about the increased drilling, corrupt deals, and disregard for science over the past eight years that amount to one big, tangled mess for Secretary Salazar to deal with. As Salazar said, “The ‘anything goes’ era is over.”