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PostHeaderIcon Tips For Recycle Waste Management

Posted on: Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at 12:03 pm

We live in a society and tend to produce huge material for use which is discarded eventually. the role of waste management is basically to collect these discarded materials and reuse them in order to reduce its effect in our health, environment and society at large.

Waste management tips

Paper, perishable goods can be recycled and reused to create other usable product.

Use landfills
The disposal of non recyclable materials uses to be used as landfills.
Waste water treatment
Also known as sewage treatment is a process of removing the contaminants from the wastewater or the household swage and remove the physical , biological contaminants from them for reuse.

Reducing production of household waste
Usage of more disposable and biodegradable materials for house hold work like cleaning helps to reduce creation of waste.

The above tips can help to manage waste and recycle them in order to ensure lesser production of waste.

PostHeaderIcon Storm water pollution controls

Posted on: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 at 12:14 pm

nullStorm water pollution has become a major environmental hazard. Storm water may be referred to any form of liquid which comes into existence due to precipitation process. Water derived as a result of snow melting may also be termed as storm water.

After rainfall the ground absorbs the rainwater. However, there is never 100% absorption. Problem arises when a large volume of water remain unabsorbed and therefore flows on the surface of the ground. This water washes away all the dirt and pollutants present on the surface of the earth and thereby result in storm water pollution.

To fight storm water pollution environmentalists have devised many ways:

Storm water harvest: the storm water is not allowed to run freely and therefore pollute the area. This is done by trapping the storm water in an enclosed area.

Infiltration: this is done to allow the water to be absorbed in the ground.

PostHeaderIcon Pollution control best management technique

Posted on: Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 8:33 am

nullThere are mainly four types of pollution air, water, noise pollution and land pollution. Depending upon the different types of pollution control measures is also different. For air pollution we must reduce the emission of toxic gases from automobiles, factories etc use of aerosols must be avoided or reduced. CFC’s are very harmful and are responsible for ozone depletion so we must avoid the use of CFC’s. For water pollution the main reason is the disposal of factory waste in the river and ponds the other reasons are washing clothes in water bodies and bathing of animals. All this must be avoided as it spoils the drinking water. Oil and pollutants emitted by the ships disturbs the marine life and pollutes the sea.

With the increase of cars and automobiles there is no place to have an escape from noise. Loud music or industrial disturbances are also responsible for noise pollution. Sand pollution is directly caused by use of insecticides and pesticides in the farm lands thus spoiling the land and ultimately affecting the production.

PostHeaderIcon Marine pollution control

Posted on: Saturday, November 28th, 2009 at 9:11 am

nullThe greatest source of marine pollution is, land based. The sources include sewage, chemicals, metals, sediment mobilization, litter and habitat destruction, radioactivity and persistent organic pollutants. To save the marine life and to reduce the pollution the steps or the initiatives must be started at the regional and state level thus involving the global efforts. GPA is an association made which work non- legally and aim at preventing the degeneration of marine life by pollution caused by land sources. They also work by realizing the duty of state and region and global government to prevent the destruction. The GPA provides guidance to state so that they can control pollution with the help of policies, priorities and resources.
Marine biodiversity can only be protected with the global efforts as all of us are equally responsible for the damage. Shipping and sea dumping are also the reason for marine pollution thus affecting the marine life.

PostHeaderIcon Future trends in pollution control equipments

Posted on: Thursday, November 26th, 2009 at 7:44 am

nullWith new administration putting all the force to bring back the powers to the associations related to pollution control in seems as if now the environmental peace will be restored soon. Environmental pollution agency or EPA is making efforts to make serious rules against environmental pollution and will severely punish the culprits. So it can be said the companies manufacturing pollution control equipments will be having good time ahead.

Mr. Obama is paying great attention on the issue of save, and clean water which should be free from debris, pollution and chemicals thus the selling of equipments for clean water , water purifying systems, clarifying systems, mobile pollution emergency response system and will increase definitely and facilitate the use of storm drain system.

Manufacturers will be selling heavily soon after the implementation of the rules thus it is being believed that there will be seen a future trend in pollution control equipments by 2010.

PostHeaderIcon What is miracle fuel?

Posted on: Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at 10:18 am

nullMiracle fuel is basically the Natural fuel and is a green fuel, which is clean form of fuel alternative to fossil fuels, which will reduce the consumption of gasoline products and also descend the rate of global warming occurring on Earth. Apart from being environmental friendly, miracle fuel will also tend to eliminate toxic materials from soil and ground water.

The increasing costs of gasoline products have made people to realize that it will be no longer possible for every person to afford the products running completely on gasoline products. It will be entirely a big disadvantage for adopting exclusively the gasoline products and also, it will not be possible for most of the people to afford it. PEFI (Power Ecalene Fuels, Inc) improved their processing methods and strategies to make their own patents and is concurrently working on bringing its miracle fuel to market and make the people aware about its advantages.

PostHeaderIcon Arctic pollution and the seabirds

Posted on: Saturday, October 31st, 2009 at 9:41 am

nullIt has been recently found that sea birds play a major role in polluting Arctic environment. This is done as the sea birds carry contaminants such as plastic to the Arctic, thus contribution to pollution in the area. The Canadian scientists conducted a recent test in which organic pollutants like phenyl was found in the samples and the major thing to note is the contaminants were only found where the sea birds existed.

The contaminants get released into the ocean and birds which come to it for feeding their young ones also carry contaminants. So, even the farthest area on the earth is not safe from dangers like environment pollution and global warming. The human activities still remain the major source of pollution since the chemical residuals from the industrial processes get released into the sea. The birds searching for food only carry these pollutants present in the sea to the Arctic land.

PostHeaderIcon Reducing smog pollution

Posted on: Saturday, October 31st, 2009 at 6:21 am

nullSmog pollution is a major environmental problem which needs urgent attention. One of the primary factors that contribute to smog pollution is the burning of fossil fuels. Every time we use our car or use electricity, we burn fuels that emit harmful chemical into the environment. The chemicals that are present in smog are sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Therefore, car pooling can prove to be very effective in reducing smog pollution in which you use only one car instead of using 3-4 cars.

We should make sure that tail pipes of our vehicles are not emitting smog and the best method to do it is following the DMV regulations. The cars also need to be checked for smog at least once in two years. The car should also be taken good care of so that it runs smoothly on the roads, emitting less harmful chemicals and carbon dioxide. One of the simplest ways to reduce smog in our environment is to use good quality fuels only in our cars.