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PostHeaderIcon Future trends in pollution control equipments

Posted on: Thursday, November 26th, 2009 at 7:44 am

nullWith new administration putting all the force to bring back the powers to the associations related to pollution control in seems as if now the environmental peace will be restored soon. Environmental pollution agency or EPA is making efforts to make serious rules against environmental pollution and will severely punish the culprits. So it can be said the companies manufacturing pollution control equipments will be having good time ahead.

Mr. Obama is paying great attention on the issue of save, and clean water which should be free from debris, pollution and chemicals thus the selling of equipments for clean water , water purifying systems, clarifying systems, mobile pollution emergency response system and will increase definitely and facilitate the use of storm drain system.

Manufacturers will be selling heavily soon after the implementation of the rules thus it is being believed that there will be seen a future trend in pollution control equipments by 2010.

PostHeaderIcon President Obama’s Guide to Going Green

Posted on: Monday, September 7th, 2009 at 8:16 am

Obama's Green GuideThe US President Barack Obama has given a few tips to go green and become nature friendly.

President Obama realizes the importance of saving energy which will ultimately save the planet. He called for using products that are energy efficient. He stressed on switching off the electric appliances when not using them. Unplugging the electric gadgets will save power.

He also emphasized on cutting back on the air conditioning and heating systems to save electricity. Going natural is preferred to ultimately save the green cover of the earth.

President Obama stressed on buying items with less packaging and advised to recycle and use paper, glass plastic etc.

He also advised to drive energy efficient cars, energy efficient appliances and to hold clean up drives.
He also advised to plant as many trees as possible. He also emphasized to involve children in the tree panting drive to make it possible.

The US President has given out a clear message to help save the environment and contribute to sustainable healthy growth.