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PostHeaderIcon Act Green: We love 100%, but don’t forget about 0%

Posted on: Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 at 9:41 am

Each year, when we release our National Environmental Scorecard, LCV is extremely proud to hand out 100% scores and also dismayed to acknowledge that yes, unfortunately, a number of U.S. politicians vote for the environment 0% of the time.

Though we’re definitely more proud of the champions who support an environment than the chumps who snub our issues, 0% scores are critical to exposing America’s worst environmental politicians.

Today’s news is a case in point: in a blogpost on Daily Kos, the 0% score earned by Representative Scott Garrett is used to cut through an intricate and incorrect characterization of the New Jersey representative’s record as pro-environment in a newspaper profile.

The writer, Bob Braun, goes as far as saying that Garrett, “has a reputation as pro-conservation,” which is utterly dishonest. He receieved a 0% rating by the LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS! He also thinks global warming is a hoax.

Similarly, a blogpost in the Mahablog points to Senator John Cornyn’s zero score as an indication of just how regressive an agenda the Texas congressman pursues. Perhaps more interesting is that the piece shows how a hard-line conservative track record sometimes isn’t enough for America’s far right wing.

A day in the news cycle of LCV voting scores wouldn’t be complete, however, without a nod to those 100% voters who we always hope to see more of, which we get courtesy of the Beltway Progressive blog. In taking a first look at the new crop of Maryland politicians, the piece points to legislator Roger Manno’s perfect score from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters as a key factor for being excited about his recent election.