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PostHeaderIcon Common Myths In Relation To Solar Energy

Posted on: Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 2:37 am

Solar EnergyNowadays every person is conscious about the deteriorating health of the environment because of which majority of the people are trying to be eco-friendly and are engaging in environmentally-friendly activities only. People are very much dependant on non-renewable resources which are fast depleting. Thus research is being carried out to introduce renewable sources of energy and authorities are encouraging people to utilze renewable resources such as wind energy, hydrological energy, solar energy etc. Solar energy is the only renewable resource that is utilized by the people belonging to different parts of the world. However certain myths revolves around solar energy and this article is going to highlight the three major misconceptions for you.

• Solar panels and solar cells are expensive: True to a certain extent. But then many of the governments offer incentives and discounts to people who take the initiative of buying these solar cells and panels. Once solar panels and cells are utilized, your electricity bills will be reduced tremendously. Plus these cells and panels are worth every penny you spend as they last for a long period of time.
• Solar technology is not that worthwhile: Most of the people refrain from the use of solar energy in their homes and offices because they doubt the capability of solar energy. Whereas some other people think, solar energy will be replaced by some greater technology. In this way, people do not end up using solar energy which is perhaps the most easily available and economical renewable resource.
• Solar panels or solar cells look very weird when installed in homes or offices: Well this is certainly not true. Solar panels and cells have actually become a part of home décor plans and do not effect the overall look of your home or office.
Ignore these myths and utilize solar energy as much as possible.

PostHeaderIcon Top 3 benefits of solar energy

Posted on: Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Benefits of solar energy, solar energyEnergy is required to run any electrical appliance at home. For having electrical energy supplied to your home there are two possible ways for you. First is to use the electrical energy coming from power stations. Second produce solar energy using solar panels. Using solar panels have great benefits attached to it. The top 3 benefits among them are listed below.

• It helps you in reducing your bills. Electrical energy is becoming costly day by day. The solar energy comes for free and thus you can save a huge amount of money that you will be spending as electric bills.
• It helps in increasing your home value. The property value increases just after you install solar panels. Everyone would love to buy a house that is energy efficient and help them save more money in the near future.
• By using solar energy you are not only saving bills but also the Earth. This helps the earth as you are using renewable source of energy that does not pollute the atmosphere.
So using the solar energy is highly beneficial from all aspects. So go ahead and install solar panels in your home.

PostHeaderIcon Picking a solar contractor for a greener choice

Posted on: Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Hire a solar contractor, solar energyGoing green with your house can be a very wise decision. If you are choosing eco-friendly ways of using energy you will be able to save a lot of money, energy and contribute to the matter of world environment at the same time in your own way. Your daily household work could all be done very easily and with a consumption of much less energy.

However, it is important that before the installation of the solar panels, you make sure you hire the right contractor. Installation of the solar panels can be a tricky job and it involves a fair amount of expenses. Therefore, you have to make sure that the job is done perfectly. The first thing you have to see is that if the contractor has a proper license for the job. If he has a license, the very next thing that you should check is his experience in the field.

PostHeaderIcon The use of solar power for residential purposes

Posted on: Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 4:44 pm

Nowadays people are resolving to renewable sources of energy to contribute to the betterment of nature. One of the steps that people are trying to consider is that of making their houses environment friendly by installing solar power equipments. Well making your house one of this kind is not a kid’s job, but you can try with certain simple steps at first.

Use of solar power is very easy in rural areas and it has become very popular there, urban areas are still trying their hands at it. What you can do is buy a solar panel for your house, or even make one yourself and save your money. There is a readymade kit available in the market in which you have to assemble all parts together by yourself. Either of these is quite affordable for anyone. Although the installation might seem a bit pocket-pinching, ultimately the use of solar power will help you save a lot of money.

PostHeaderIcon Solar power: an eco friendly way for producing power

Posted on: Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 7:35 pm

The growth in the rate of global warming and pollution is depleting the planet to a humongous extent. The only way to prevent this is by using renewable forms of energy that can be replenished constantly. The earth exudes sunlight energy which is the best form of solar energy that the scientists are using. Solar Power panels are one of the recent inventions that not only solve residential needs but overall global problem as well. It stores the energy produced by the sun.

The best advantage of solar power panels is that it reduces your electricity bills. This solar power panel is very affordable and is like a one time investment giving long time benefits. They are quick and easy to install and can stay on for years without causing any trouble.  All you need is a generator, battery and convertor to install the solar power panel.

PostHeaderIcon Green Home with DIY Solar Panels

Posted on: Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 9:00 am

You may save money and still save lots of energy if you install solar panels. These include solar cells; 36 or 108 in number (according to your need) and generate .5 volts each. Thus you get good enough power through solar energy.

If you want to DIY your solar panel for a green home, you need to first get quality solar cells. These are best acquired through eBay auctions. Then create a wooden container for holding solar cells. Use pegboards for attachments and silicone material for caulking and wiring.

For wiring attachments, you will need some glue and appropriate knowledge. Set these cells in right manner so that they connect with each other to produce volts. You should use plex glass for covering the completed panel. You may test in direct view of the sun and check whether the panel is producing desired results. Solar panels will not bear you down with costs.

PostHeaderIcon Residential Solar Power-Green Energy Idea

Posted on: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 at 4:05 am


Using solar panels is a great way to generate clean and renewable electricity.
A home solar power kit can be purchased and installed by most people. No specialized technical knowledge is required and they are fairly inexpensive. In fact you can spend less than six hundred dollars on certain kits which will power many items in your house such as a laptop, one light bulb, and a 19? television for more than twenty hours, and many other small appliances.
Home solar power kits are also very useful in the event of a power outage. If the power fails your kit will have stored enough electricity in its batteries to give you light, heat, and hot water, and many other modern conveniences until the lights go back on. The amount of electricity available to you will depend greatly on the storage capacity of your batteries. If everyone in the country were willing to run just one appliance using a home generator the savings would be enormous.

PostHeaderIcon Benefits of a DO-it-Yourself Solar Water Heater

Posted on: Sunday, April 4th, 2010 at 6:15 am


Do-it-yourself solar water heater remains an excellent venture to try out. The easiest among DIY solar water heaters are batch water heaters. The batch water heater utilizes a water tank that is positioned where it’ll heat the power utilizing the sun’s energy. This is then connected to your house’s plumbing system.

Paint the water tank black. Because black absorbs lights, this aids the tank to absorb as much heat as possible. Several DIY solar water heaters integrate portable mirrors located smartly around the water tank. The sun’s rays then hit these mirrors and are reflected onto the system, increasing the surface area that will be heated.

However, if you reside in cold climates the batch water heater may not be a great choice for you. Use a closed loop system instead. The fantastic thing about this kind of system is that they will reduce your electricity cost and decrease your carbon footprint so they are great for the environment.

PostHeaderIcon Convert to solar power in easy steps

Posted on: Sunday, November 22nd, 2009 at 10:19 am

nullThe desire to switch over to the solar power is increasing day by day as we are becoming the slaves of power companies by paying heavy bills. Our lifestyle is tied to the power supply and with the depleting resources the focus has shifted towards solar power which is never ending. With the recent state of solar technology it I snow much easier to convert the solar power. If you want to make the conversion simpler you can hire a professional to manage the task but this involves large investment and is expensive so the best way to do so is to build the solar panels by yourself.

Building the solar panels yourself can greatly reduce the cost and it becomes very easy for anyone to convert the solar power. You can save your pocket and go green just by reducing usage, determining the energy usage, building panels and getting an electrician to fix it for your house.

PostHeaderIcon Free secrets to cheap home solar power

Posted on: Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 2:41 pm

nullThe size of your solar equipments depends on the energy consumption of a family. There are some people, who think that solar equipments are expensive, but if some things are taken care of, you can get better out of the solar power energy utilization.

Using energy efficient bulbs and lights in home can help in reduction of electricity usage and you can turn over to get the cheaper billing for use of electricity, than before.

Lowering the temperature of thermostat can help for the reduction of electric consumption.

Usage of switch water heaters also helps in many cases. The best way is to cover your hot water tank in an insulated place and decrease the thermostat level, to the least one possible. This reduces the usage of extra electricity.

Turn off the lights and fans, not required at a particular time. Make it a habit to switch off the electrical equipments, before leaving any room.

Little changes in your life style can lead to less usage of electricity and hence, less cost will be incurred for the solar power equipments.