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PostHeaderIcon Eco – Friendly Tips to Save Cash

Posted on: Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 at 10:06 am

Use Cloth Napkins

Cloth NapkinsUsing cloth napkins instead of paper napkins is an advantageous move. They are more durable, reduce expense, save cash, and reduce trash. It even saves energy used in transporting and processing your waste. Recyclable paper napkin can prove to be beneficial for planet but it’s even better to not to have anything to recycle. Go green and become eco-friendly through use of cloth napkins.

Eat less meat


Meat is not so good for the environment. Looking from the money perspective, it is also not cheap. For a matter of fact seventy percent of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed to raise cows. The production of meat results in more carbon emissions than any other protein. It doesn’t mean you should go completely vegetarian but at least lessen your quantity of meat in order to improve environment and also to save money. Go cost effective and eco-friendly with less meat.

Grow your own food

Growing Own Food

Growing your own food is not so complicated and tough as it sounds. Growing your own food results in the reduction of carbon footprints of Sasquatch-sized, all those planes and refrigerated trucks importing berries from South America. Green beans, Cherry tomatoes, salad greens, are considered to be the most valuable food to be grown if you want to go green along with saving money. If you don’t have a garden, you can still grow herbs on your windowsill which helps in going eco-friendly with savings in long run.

Go for reusable water bottles
Reusable Water Bottles

There’s something you will be glad to know and it is that” tap water is drinkable”. You are amazed but this fact is totally true. Carrying a BPA –free water bottle with you can save your cost of 3 dollar to purchase bottles from outside-the same cost of 700 gallons of water out of tap at home. Less use of plastic bottles leads to less production and it would ultimately result in benefit to environment. It’s harmful to environment in a manner that 80 % of these plastic bottles cannot be recycled and due to this fact, for producing 1 bottle, three times the amount of water in a water bottle is used. Thus go green and save money by ditching plastic water bottles.

Turn to solar

Turn to solar

Turning solar is much advantageous to environment. Not only to environment, it’s also so damn important to you. It saves much of your cost with eco friendly techniques. People are becoming alert about solar usage and thus to encourage them US government also offers tax credits to those who install some panels to supplement their energy expenditure. People are interested but they fear the risk of initial high startup cost.  But for relief of your dilemma, some of the companies namely Sun Run, Solar city and Roof Diagnostics are ready to take up that cost for you. If you are in a destination they are working into then they will set up everything for you free of cost and you are able to save at least 10 % of your electricity bill by going eco-friendly but the only condition is that your roof should be in such a position to receive enough sun.

PostHeaderIcon Give your office an eco friendly feel with a green design

Posted on: Sunday, September 25th, 2011 at 6:55 am

Do you want to give your office a fresh and green eco friendly design? Well then it’s not a tough job provided you have several sensible options. Office is a place from where a person takes immense amount of resources that greatly shape his personality and attitude. So choosing the right kind of furniture should be your primary goal.

Stick to buying woods from stores that maintain sustainable forestry and avoid stuffing up your office with hard woods furniture. Always search for eco friendly furniture that could be recycled and come with a FSC tag and don’t spend your money over VOC furniture that causes rapid air pollution.

If you really want to keep your office environment clean with full of fresh air to breathe then don’t invest for hybrid materials such as plastic coated board or tables because these elements would harm your work environment in a major way for its chemical and carbon ingredients.

PostHeaderIcon 10 Ways to Green Your Office

Posted on: Sunday, August 15th, 2010 at 9:00 am

You would only benefit from greening your office. Here are ten ways to make the office look and breathe green:

1. Synchronize your office travel. If you can manage a carpool with other colleagues, nothing beats it.
2. Avoid use of bottled water.

3. Avoid use of plastic utensils. Try ceramics instead.
4. Ventilate your office well. Reduce application of air conditioners.
5. Use wooden furniture. Fiberglass furniture is not a green idea. Also use fluorescent lights in office for energy conservation.
6. Avoid large use of printers.
7. Use biodegradable stationery; especially paper and cartridges.
8. Make a habit of consuming whole grains in office. Do not grill or barbeque in office kitchen.
9. Use recycled computers and other gadgets. They work efficiently all the same.
10. Close the entire system when you close the office.

These steps will help you harbor a green and fresh office; good for hygiene and pockets.

PostHeaderIcon Creating a Zero Waste Office

Posted on: Friday, August 13th, 2010 at 9:00 am

Zero waste office is a euphoric state that will take some time to be realized. However, you can work your way towards emitting negligible green gas emissions.

If you are an IT firm or whatever, do work largely in soft copy. Reduce use of paper. Printers are considered widely against the spirit of greening. So print only when urgent.

Have wooden furniture and don’t stuff your office with useless electronics. Keep these gadgets in fine condition. A sick HVAC system will only be hazard to green office.

Encourage use of pencils for indoor office work. Ventilate your office well and keep your office spacious. Use biodegradable stationery. These small things go long in reducing office waste.

Installing solar panels for power creation is another wise step. Use ENERGY STAR illumination throughout your office. Don’t use plastic cups and other eating utensils. Invest in earthen ware. Keep updated on exceptional natural items usable in office.

PostHeaderIcon Adopting a holistic approach to greening IT

Posted on: Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 9:00 am

IT companies are flushed with computers; major generators of e-waste. You will thus find it hard to green IT. However, with the assemblage of Green Grid by eminent software companies like AMD, INTEL and DELL, you have the option to store massive data along with energy conservation.

You need to take a holistic approach towards green IT. Firstly, use green computers or computers made of recycled materials. There will be lesser toxins in them. Dispose your computers when they are out of place and efficiency. Invest in ergonomic and green furniture.

Use solar panels for energy and power in small details. This will save you some energy. Apply other energy efficient parameters like switching off mechanisms when not in function, having a garden outside and placing a few plants in-house.

Just make sure that algorithmic efficiency of your system is not harmed. Since lots of people work in IT firms, being energy efficient becomes rather imperative.

PostHeaderIcon Growing Vegetables Organically

Posted on: Sunday, March 21st, 2010 at 10:47 am


There are a whole lot of reasons for going green. You don’t have to worry about taking in chemicals. These vegetables taste much better. It is higher in vitamin content. No harm is done to the environment as no pesticides are used.

Clear out a patch of soil for gardening. Be picky in choosing vegetable varieties with resistance to your area’s pests. Plant your vegetables in a diverse pattern to distract insects that chew leaves and carry diseases to similar plants. Space each plant so that air circulates around it, and be sure water soaks in and then drains away. These organic strategies help prevent leaf and root diseases. Use black plastic mulches to warm the soil in early spring, or let the soil warm naturally with a blanket of organic mulch. This helps prevent the inevitable weeds on unplanted soil. A little fertilizer and water at frequent intervals will lead to a steady growth of the plants.

PostHeaderIcon Creating a Green Office Environment

Posted on: Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at 9:51 am

Green OfficeA person spends a lot of time at his work place. It has been estimated that offices and work places consumes one third of the total energy consumption of a city. It also is a major source of energy wastage. These can overcome if we go green at office also by following some easy methods:

Try to take advantage of the natural light and air. Make it possible to use the most of the sunlight during the day time.

Keep the air-conditioning at a normal temperature instead of lowering the temperature too much.
Computers in the office consume a big chunk of electricity. Set your computer in the hibernate mode. This will save unnecessary wastage of electricity. Before going home don’t forget to switch off the computer as well the power strip where it is connected. The monitors, computers and printers etc should be of energy saving models. This will ensure huge savings at long run.

Being print smarter is also a big way to go green. Print only the necessary data, rest send as email if possible. Use recycled papers for printouts. Use the discarded or used papers to write drafts etc.

PostHeaderIcon How Can Service Organizations Go Green

Posted on: Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 at 9:11 am

Go Green, Eco Drive, Eco Business PracticeThe service organizations like utilities, equipment suppliers, telcos, corporations and rental agencies utilize million fleet of vehicles every year each running about 25,000 miles per year. This causes a huge carbon footprint. Becoming eco-friendly is the buzz word and should not be overlooked. The service organizations need to go green at the earliest if not already gone green.

These organizations should try to reduce the fuel consumption. For it repeated visits to one place needs to be avoided. Work and delivery should be well planned. Regular maintenance of the vehicles can reduce the consumption of fuel.

Try to plan better routes for field workers and technicians for their field visits. This will also reduce total mileage by some percentage. Location based services including street level routing can reduce the travel time of the companies.

Let the employees work from home at least once a week. This will boost employees’ morale and save fuel and electricity of the organizations.

PostHeaderIcon Ways to Go Green at Work

Posted on: Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 8:40 am

Work Green, Eco InitiativesIt is imperative that one goes green at work to save the nature and live a healthy life. Work and work related activities consume a lot of energy thus making it as one of the most polluting activities. A few small steps can go a long way to save the environment.

The means of travel to reach work play an important role. Instead of using individual cars to commute, go by public transport or the company can provide collective transport mean for its employees.

• Use less of the elevators and walk if the destination is nearby.

• Recycle and reuse the office waste.

• Take the help of nature to light and bright the work place.

• Don’t litter the office waste and if the work place is hospital etc, the waste disposal should be carried out properly.

• Use potted plants inside the office to give a cheerful ambience.

• Go out in the open during the break to get fresh air instead of sitting inside an air conditioned office all the time.