PostHeaderIcon Collecting Raindrops

Posted on: Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 2:11 pm

nullCollecting rainwater is one of the most important facts that should never go unappreciated. This is a natural resource and it is the only source of uncontaminated water. Quite a number of us have the urgency the collection but the idea is not sunken to their minds.

The reason why people seem to have realized the need and not yet taking the issue seriously is evidenced in deforestation. This has an awful effect over the monsoon waters. Rainwater harvesting should be understood as the process of capturing rainwater from a catchments surface and precipitating it.

The accumulation of natural water is evident in the rural areas, contrary, in the congested urban centre, this seems not much appreciated. There are two different ways of harvesting water and these include the runoff water harvesting and the rooftop water harvesting. The method of collection and storage is determined by the purpose of the collection.

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