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Posted on: Sunday, October 31st, 2010 at 9:16 am

Concerned about keeping the earth greener? Want to switch to an eco friendly way of farming? If so, organic farming is a fantastic way of doing so. Now, you may inquire what organic farming is all about. It is a greener way of farming where you skip the part which includes using toxic pesticides, artificial fertilizers and herbicides. In case of conventional farming, you end up polluting the land, the water and even the air.  A perfect amalgamation of nature and science, organic farming helps you to keep the planet greener by preventing soil and water pollution.

Instead of using artificial chemical fertilizers, you should switch to green manuring, a natural compost. These are equally rich fertilizers and will also reduce soil pollution simultaneously. Opt for poly-culture which is the method through which more than one sort of crop is grown in a single plot of land. You can also go for biological pesticides like neem extracts instead of the chemical ones. Simple steps will actually make a huge difference, your food will taste better, and you will be taking a step ahead towards a healthier life.

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