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Posted on: Sunday, October 31st, 2010 at 10:44 am

It’s time to change your hobby, when the whole globe is going green altogether. People have several hobbies but they need to understand the impact behind a hobby, when it becomes a large scale production.

Gardening itself is a huge eco-friendly hobby and very few have ventured into it. Gardening and watching the plants grow and flowers blossoming can sometimes be such a beautiful feeling. Through gardening, one can actually develop the sense of creation and develop a surrounding, which is healthy. More the number of people spending time in it, the better the world can be.

Apart from that one can develop a hobby of handloom material. Using natural materials like jute, wool and cotton, one can easily come up with nice clothes, socks, purses or bags of various colors. People have a different attraction towards handloom materials due to the manual effort and skill behind it. So, lets go green this time around!

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