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Posted on: Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 9:23 am

The concept of green infrastructure originated by the 1990s in United States. The important aspect was to decide on usage of natural environment during planning of land use. Emphasis was given on “life support” functions available to us with a network of ecological system.

This includes clear water, rich soil and planting of trees which can create shade and save the environment. This in turn helps us in creating long lasting sustainability of environment.
In the United Kingdom the green infrastructure has come along way and is widely used for planning in the public sector across nation, regional and local planning.

In the United States with the help of green infrastructure (managed by EPA) the water quality is upgraded. it is done my more efficient management of storm water and treating it through various methods and lift up the stress on the traditional draining system.

To conclude green infrastructure helps to make eco friendly environment for the society at large.

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