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Posted on: Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Haven’t we already done enough harm to the environment to skip a little bit while buying patio furniture? If this piece of furniture is supposed to stay out of the house in the patio, close to the greenery, it ought to be eco-friendly; otherwise God will save you from the irony. So here are some of the green patio ideas for an efficient healthy relationship between your furniture and the environment:

  •   The furniture should be made of a recyclable material, should expose human to minimum harmful chemicals and should be durable or capable of being reused.
  •  Get the furniture made of plastic that are 100% recycled. You can often get the ones that look like wood but aren’t in real, hence avoiding the toxic contents of arsenic, copper sulphate and creosote.
  •  Recycled aluminium patio furniture is another great choice. It is easily reusable and recyclable.

Eucalyptus lawn furniture is another eco-friendly option as they are renewable, durable and incur low maintenance cost. Eucalyptus is also not a threatened species of tree, thanks to the sustainable harvest-plans.

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