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Posted on: Thursday, July 27th, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Getting rid of dandruff naturally

Natural ways of Getting rid of dandruff

One of the major reasons of having dandruff in the hair is the dry scalp. Dandruff creates itching and irritation on the scalp and this is really annoying that too when it happens all the time. There can be growth of certain fungus on the scalp which causes dandruff. However if you are also having the same issues and you are felling annoyed then you can get rid of it very easily. You cannot compromise with the growth of your hair and can’t let the strands of the hair get weakens and cause excessive hair fall issue. There are several natural ways to combat with the issue of dandruff growth on your hair. Well you won’t need to go to some expensive salon and take some chemical filled treatment to remove dandruff from your hair. By sitting at home and trying some really easy solutions, you can get rid of dandruff. Here are some of the natural and easy ways to combat dandruff.

  • Aspirin

Now you must be thinking how come aspirin is useful in combating dandruff. The active ingredient which aspirin contains is similar to that with the medicated dandruff removal shampoos. This acid is known as salicylic acid. Take two aspirins and crush them minutely. Create a fine powder of it and then add it up to the normal amount of shampoo which you use for washing your hair every single time. Leave the shampoo containing aspirins for a period of 1 or 2 minutes and then rinse it well. After that, wash your hair again with the plain shampoo.

  • Baking soda

Your kitchen can be the best place which can give you an itch free and also a flake free scalp. Baking soda can be a very essential solution for getting rid of dandruff. First of all wet your hair and then rub certain amount of baking soda gently on your scalp. Skip the step of shampoo and just jump on to washing the hair with clean water. Baking soda can be essential and it can lessen the overactive fungi which is causing dandruff in your hair. It might be possible that for certain weeks your hair might get dried out but after passage of time, you hair will start producing natural oil itself making your hair soft and free of any flakes.

  • Mouthwash

Now this might come up to you as a shock that even mouth wash can be used for getting rid of dandruff from your hair. But yes this absolutely true and if you are not able to believe it you can try it yourself. If you are having a bad case of dandruff then wash your hair as usual with the regular shampoo that you use and then rinse it by using an alcohol based mouth wash. Apply the regular conditioner that you generally use. Mouthwash is having anti-fungal elements which will stop the dandruff producing yeast from emerging.



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