PostHeaderIcon Reasons Why You Should Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Posted on: Sunday, August 1st, 2010 at 10:05 am

Mobile phones have caught up so much with general lives that a single family has about 3 to 4 mobiles. When they get old and non-functional, people still preserve them as relics. These contain arsenic, lead, mercury and bromides among other toxins. Their continued presence in your house not only pollutes the environment but adds to the e-waste. This is the main reason why should recycle your mobile phone.

In the first place, get mobiles created out of recyclable material. You may serve your ecological pattern in this way. The other reason why mobiles need to be recycled is that its integrated machine will be used to create another mobile, thereby reducing usage of more toxins.

There are a number of mobile recycling agencies that provide you drop boxes and certification when you hand over your mobile for circulation. You will also get in the Govt. good books for doing that.

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