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Posted on: Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Four towers fuming smoke - Global Warming

Global Warming causes

Global warming is amongst the biggest issues of concern now a days! Well, I can say, it has found its big place in the discussion rooms and also turns up in the form of an alarm for the people. There are numerous reasons and causes for global warming. We can say, there are man-made as well as natural causes that both are involved behind the reason for global warming. People are not concerned now, about the place, the food they eat and the air they breathe. They are simply polluting the atmosphere by harmful chemicals that produce in their companies. But in return, we are polluting the same land from where we grow food elements; pollute the same water we drink and similarly the air which we need for respire.

In order to make our won world, we are destroying the basics for the hundred and thousands of people living in the world. Not only the human beings but the animals, birds and other creatures too. Here is the list of top most causes for global warming in the world.

Global warming top causes:


Optimum use of forest for fuel, using and making charcoal, both for the use of lifestyle and for wood, is one of the cause for global warming. In simple terms it is known as deforestation. In order to build and maintain our lifestyle by using wood used in the form of constructing material or for building up farm, trees are chopped from the forest, which is not considered a good sign and it also decreases the amount of rainfall because of less greenery.

Folks, forests are very important and human friendly because it helps in cleaning the air as it is a natural filter and sores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But due to deforestation, it releases large amount of carbon dioxide because there are less trees for absorbing it from the atmosphere.

Ozone layer damage:

Ozone depletion is another cause that results in global warming. It increases the ozone levels in the atmosphere and it ultimately results into chemical processes that might damage the layers on earth. As the ozone layer is damaged, the sun rays travel directly to the earth. It might result into natural forest burns and increase ration in heat.

There are amendment issues for protecting the ozone layer from many industrial units because it is simply destroying the ozone layer protecting the atmosphere on the earth from the harmful rays of sun.


Sunspots are considered as the natural cause of damage and the reason for global warming. Basically, they are the dark patches observed on the face of the sun that blocks the hot solar plasma. Increasing ratio in sun’s activities transforms the sun’s radiation towards the earth and thereby it results in short term warming cycles. Surrounding the sun spots you’ll find brighter patches generally known as faculae. The brighter patches are more powerful as compared to the darker patches. It simply means that the solar energy is transforming and t results in destructing the atmosphere on the earth.

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